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Working Effectively Village

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People in Dairy Programme

Paper - The People in Dairy Programme – developing a pathway towards socially sustainable farms PDF

People in Dairy

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Working Efficiently 

Paper - Benchmarking effective farm work organisation PDF

Working Effectively

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Paper Measuring and managing spring labour time-use PDF

Paper The impact of work practices and technologies on labour demand PDF

Time savers

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Time Savers - what ones suit you? 

59 time saving work practices and technologies presented using a visual display board at the 2023 Moorepark Open Day. Work practices/ technologies (time savers) are grouped by their associated task and each item is represented by an image and brief description.

Time Savers in the area of Milking, including; 1 person  milking during  mid-lactation, Not leaving  parlour to feed  calves during  milking, Vehicles used  to herd cows, OAD in early  lactation, Minimal pre-  milking teat  preparation, ACR's, Entry & exit  gates operated  from anywhere  in the pit, Milking

Time Savers in the areas of Calf and Cow Care, including; Calves  trained on  group feeders  (days 1-4), Male calves  sold, Purpose built  calf shed, Calf pens  bedded every  second day, Automatic  calf feeders, Heifers  contract reared, Milk piped /  transported  mechanically  to calf shed, Calf pens  cleaned weekly  or more often, Group calving  pens or  combination of  group/individual, No hand

Time Savers in the areas of; Grassland Management, Feeding, Heifer Care, Administration, and General, including; Contractors  spread all  slurry, Contractors  spread all  soiled water, No strip  fencing after  1st rotation, Tractor / loader  & grab used  for feeding, Silage  pushed in  between feeds  mechanically, Contractors  spread all  fertiliser, Cows out  fulltime before  mid-February,  0.3m


people management course

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Paper - Building resilience into sustainable dairy farming PDF

Farmer Time

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CK412 Ag Science

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View board as PDF UCD


Business strategy

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Dairy farm education pathway

View board as PDF Dairy farm education pathway


Paper - Farm apprenticeships - a new approach to agricultural education PDF 

Farm apprenticeships

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Paper - Milking interval effects on milk yield

Milking interval

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Paper - Reducing milking frequency – effects on milk production and cow welfare PDF 

milking frequency

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Working Relationships

Farm Contractors

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Paper - Part-time dairy farm employees – developing mutually beneficial working relationships PDF 

Part time workers

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Paper - Employment practices for good people management PDF 

Employment Practices

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Work with Teagasc

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Paper - Opportunities in collaborative farming arrangements

collaborative farming

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Family Farming 

Paper - Farm succession planning – taking a team approach PDF 

Farm Succession

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Paper - Potential roles for spouses partners within the farm business PDF 

Farm partners

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Equality Diversity and Inclusion

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