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Herd Profile

Currently the Clonakilty herd is comprised of purebred Holstein-Friesian, Jersey X Holstein-Friesian, Norwegian Red x (Jersey x Holstein-Friesian) and Holstein-Friesian crosses.

Mean Calving date: 16th February

No. of 1st lactation animals: 40

Sires used: 

Holstein-Friesian – FR6076, FR4571, FR6954, FR4513, FR4547

Jersey - JE6238 (sexed), JE4989 (sexed), JE5386 (sexed)

Beef – AU4836, SA6850, AA4878, HE6856, SA6346, AU6685, AU6918, AA6331, HE6841

EBI Milk Fertility Calving Beef Maintenace Management Health
€162 €55 €61 €39 -€19 €20 €3 €3

(2021, ICBF)