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Herd Profile

The dairy herd at the Dairygold Research Farm comprises of approximately 300 cows. These are made up of about 200 Holstein-Friesian and approximately 100 purebred Jersey cows. Holstein-Friesian cows only, approximately 80 each year, are assigned to the AMU (Automated Milking System) project. Since 2012, within the ‘Next Generation Herd’, ninety of the highest EBI females nationally have been evaluated annually in a controlled systems research study. On this study they are compared with animals representing the national average EBI. More recently the scale of the study has increased to include elite Jersey females sourced from both New Zealand (sourced as embryos) and Denmark. Previous Teagasc research has demonstrated that gains in herd performance, efficiency and profitability, in addition to that explained by EBI alone, can be achieved by crossbreeding, particularly with Jersey.

Mean Calving date: 14th February


    Milk Fertility Calving Beef Maintanence Health Management
Elite EBI 219 70  101  37  -13  16  3.5 
National Average EBI 137 41  63  28  -14  14  .9  2.1 
Jerseys 159 65  44  31  -54  57  3.5  7.6 

Sires used in Spring 2021:

Holstein-Friesian – FR6076,FR6730, FR6631, FR5109,FR4571, FR5127, FR6436,FR6640
Jersey – JE4259,JE4989, JE6238,