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Milk Production

  • 20.5 kgs / cow/ day
  • 4.51% Fat
  • 3.50 % Protein
  • 1.65 kg MS
  • SCC 95,000
  • 1.8 milkings/day

Grass Supply

Growth rate was 11 kg DM/ha per day over the past week varying between 10 and 13 across the 4 blocks. Average farm cover (AFC) is 339 kg DM/ha and cover/LU is 111kg DM. Cows are currently grazing covers of 500kg DM/ha. As growing conditions have been so poor over the past number of weeks, cows have been and continue to be supplemented with baled silage (cut late May/early June) and concentrate (14% protein). Cows are currently receiving 6kgs concentrate, 7kgs silage and 5 kgs grass. Two hectares were taken out from block B for reseeding, in May, and these are now being grazed with a cover of 1,000 kg/DM/ha.


Breeding began on the 27th of April. We achieved a 93% submission rate in 21 days. Artificial insemination was used for 6 weeks and then an AA stock bull. The bull was taken away on the 20th July after 6 weeks. To date 78% have been confirmed in calf, with the remaining yet to be scanned.