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Farm Update week ending 14th Sept 2018

Current Number of Cows: 77

Milk Production

  • 18.5 kgs / cow/ day
  • 5.11 % Fat
  • 4.07 % Protein
  • 1.70 kg MS
  • SCC 98,000
  • 1.8 milkings/day


Grass Supply

Growth rate for the past week was 41 kg DM/ha per day over the past week varying between 29 and 51 across the 4 blocks. Average farm cover (AFC) is 868 kg DM/ha and cover/LU is 315 kg DM. Supplementation of baled silage and concentration over the past number of weeks, along with an increase in growth has helped the farm cover to increase since the previous update. As a result of this, we decided to remove the silage from the diet and turn cows out to again full time. They are still being supplemented with 6 kgs of concentrate. Residuals are a little higher than desired, therefore, we plan to reduce the amount of concentrate over the next week, in order to encourage cows to graze out paddock better..


Reduction in Cow Numbers

Two 6th lactation cows were removed from the robot as they were required for another trial on the farm. Once they are no longer required they will be returned to the robot.


Health Issues

We had one case of mastitis this week which caused a slight increase in SCC for one test. This cow was treated and her milk diverted from the tank. Three cows were treated for lameness. Cows are currently footbathed every two weeks, with copper sulphate, however, as ground conditions soften, it is planned to do it every week.



The farm is currently being blanket spread with 35 unit N.



Breeding began on the 27th of April. We achieved a 93% submission rate in 21 days. Artificial insemination was used for 6 weeks and then an AA stock bull. The bull was taken out on the 20th July after 6 weeks. 93% have been scanned in calf after 60 days.