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AMS Update 31st August

Current Number of Cows: 79

Milk Production

  • 18.5 kgs / cow/ day
  • 4.79% Fat
  • 3.86 % Protein
  • 1.60 kg MS
  • SCC 77,000
  • 1.8 milkings/day

Grass Supply 
Growth rate for the past week was 20 kg DM/ha per day varying between 16 and 23 across the 4 blocks. Average farm cover (AFC) is 559 kg DM/ha and cover/LU is 186 kg DM. Due to the lack of rain (26mm for previous 7 days) growing conditions have continued to be poor over the last week. Cows are being supplemented with baled silage (cut late May/early June) and concentrate (14% protein), in order to build a cover for Autumn grazing. A grass walk will be carried out next week to measure the cover/livestock unit and determine the level of supplementation required. Cows are currently receiving 6kgs concentrate, 6kgs silage and 6 kgs grass.

Breeding began on the 27th of April. We achieved a 93% submission rate in 21 days. Artificial insemination was used for 6 weeks and then an AA stock bull. The bull was taken out on the 20th July after 6 weeks. 93% have been scanned in calf after 60 days.

Cull Cows 
Six cull cows were dried off and removed from the herd this week to help reduce grass demand.

Robot Issues 
This week we had a problem with cows being uneasy and kicking while being milked, resulting in an increase in failed milkings and thus, an increase in critical alarms. After observation, it was determined that flies were causing the issue. Once cows were treated, the problem was alleviated.