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The Dairy Edge Podcast

The Dairy Edge is Teagasc’s weekly dairy podcast for farmers. Presented by Emma-Louise Coffey the podcasts will cover the latest information, insights and opinion to improve your dairy farm performance.

There are three ways to listen to the podcast:

  1. If you’re an iPhone user you can listen to the show by subscribing on Apple Podcasts by clicking on this link and listening via your Podcasts app on your iPhone: 
  2. If you have an Android phone, you can listen to the show by clicking on this link: 
  3. Or you can listen by clicking on the player below:

Episode 38

Episode 38: The best practice and financial benefits for optimum dry cow procedure

Ahead of the Dry Cow events that will take place across Ireland this Autumn, Mastitis expert Don Crowley speaks about the importance of the dry period and its impact on future production and profit potential. 

Don looks at the key management factors leading up to dry off, the treatment process and after dry cow therapy. He also explains good preparation, hygiene and making sure you have enough help are key factors for successful dry cow treatment, all within farmers control! 

Finally, Don gives an insight into selective dry cow therapy, and suggests what cows it would work for in your herd.

For more information:

Get ready to maximise your herd’s full potential for 2019


Episode 37

Episode 37: Filling the feed deficit this winter

On this week's episode of The Dairy Edge podcast, Joe Patton gives an overview of the scale of winter fodder deficit on farms across the country.

Joe explains that the fodder deficit is greatest in the south and south west of the country.

He suggests that options such as wintering groups of stock off farm and increased levels of supplementary feeds can reduce feed deficits on farms for the winter ahead.

Joe also advises all farmers to take action right now to prepare for the winter - assess the quantity of feed in the yard (measure pit and get silage tested), get rid non-production stock from the farm and measure feed space.

For more information:

Fodder Plan - Winter 2018 Requirement (PDF)

Feeding tips when forage is short (PDF)


Episode 36

Episode 36: Ed Payne continues his interview with Emma-Louise Coffey on this week’s Dairy Edge to discuss all things labour

Ed explains how a team in excess of ten labour units including family labour, full-time labour, relief milkers and seasonal staff manages the 470 cows with Ed crediting the team as the driver of high technical performance, work satisfaction and work-life balance. 

The backing of such a strong team has also given Ed the opportunity to pursue a Nuffield Scholarship including international travel for up to six weeks at a time.

For more information on Ed Payne's success go to: Jimmy and Edward Payne Farm Walk booklet (PDF)

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