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Bovine Tuberculosis

Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) is a highly infectious disease of cattle caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis). M. bovis can cause disease in other domestic or wild animals and in humans.

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Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, TB Leaflets, Videos and Posters 

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  • Learn how to Clean and Disinfect your farm after an outbreak of TB

    Reduce the risk of having TB on your farm. In this video find out how to clean and disinfect housing and handling facilities to an acceptable standard.

  • TB Reactors that don’t have visible lesions

    Philip Breslin, a senior vet in the DAFM TB 2030 eradication programme, explains how TB reactor cattle may not have visible lesions when slaughtered in the factory.

  • What are bovine TB tests and how do they work

    In this step by step guide learn about bovine TB tests in Ireland. This video shows how tests are used to diagnose TB in cattle and how they work

  • Compensation after a Bovine TB Breakdown

    Find out what compensation is available to you after a TB Breakdown and how to apply for this compensation.

  • What happens if my Herd has a Bovine TB Breakdown

    Watch what happens to your herd after a positive bovine tuberculosis (bovineTB) test and the actions that DAFM will take to help clear your herd of TB.

  • How to prevent your herd having further bovine TB breakdowns

    This video explains how bovine TB is left behind in herds that have gone clear and what farmers can do to reduce the risk of TB residual infection

  • How to stop TB from spreading between herds

    Learn how to prevent bovine TB from breaking out in your herd. In this video find out how the disease is transmitted by the movement of animals, for example, by buying in cattle.

  • How to protect your herd from TB in Badgers and other Wildlife in Ireland

    This video explains how bovine tuberculosis (BovineTB) is spread from wildlife in Ireland, including badgers to your farm.Find out how to protect your herd from infected wildlife, including how to spot badger activity.


View these posters below - Know the risk when you buy cattle | Protect your herd from residual TB infection Protect your herd from wildlife 


TB Animal Health

Download as pdf Protect your herd know the risk when you buy cattle


TB Animal Health

Download as pdf Protect Your Herd from residual TB infection Poster


TB Animal Health

Download as pdf  Protect your herd from wildlife poster