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Virtual Pig Week Overview

Starting on Tuesday 20th October and continuing until Friday 23rd October, the Teagasc Pig Development Department brought you the latest research and the best technical advice and information, live from Moorepark, at 1.30pm each day.

Each day featured an interactive online event at 1.30 – 2.30 pm focusing on a range of topics in pig production from key husbandry practices to a webinar on disease transmission and feed ingredients, a visit to a progressive pig farm and virtual tour of Moorepark pig research facility.

A variety of contributors shared their expertise and experience including farm staff and researchers from the Teagasc Pig Development Department along with pig producers and international experts. Each event featured a live discussion panel with a questions and answers sessions. 

Tuesday - Virtual Tour of the Teagasc Moorepark Pig Research Facility

On day one, Tuesday 20th October, Tomás Ryan, farm manager at Teagasc Moorepark pig research facility, took us on a tour of the unit. Tomás walked us through the 200 sow unit, from the breeding building to the finisher building stopping along the way to speak about some of the farm practices at Teagasc Moorepark and highlight facilities found in the unit which aid both production and research.

This was followed by a live panel discussion which was hosted by Emer McCrum, Teagasc Pig Development Department Specialist Advisor.

Wednesday - Key Husbandry Practices in Pig Production

On day two of Virtual Pig Week the focus was on key husbandry practices in pig production. Teagasc Pig Development Department researchers and farm staff shared some of their key husbandry practices and tips. Focusing on the areas of weaning, farrowing and feeding, they discussed topics including weaning pigs in intact litters, inducing sows to farrow, wet feeding and particle size in pig feed.

The live panel for this event was hosted by Louise Clarke, Teagasc Pig Development Department Specialist Advisor.

Thursday - Biosecurity & Energy Use and Farm Visit 

A virtual farm visit to Eugene Sheehan and his son Ciarán on their progressive pig farm in Co. Cork. EUPig Ambassadors Eugene & Ciarán Sheehan achieved great benefits in health management through the use of the Biocheck.UGent biosecurity scoring tool. A reduction of 9.3% in production costs per kg slaughter weight, a reduction in days to slaughter of two weeks and a reduction in antibiotic use of 90% were some of the benefits.

The live panel for this event was hosted by Gerard McCutcheon, Teagasc Pig Development Department Specialist Advisor.

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Friday - The Role of Feed Ingredients in Disease Transmission

Dr Scott Dee, Pipestone Veterinary Services, joined us from the US for a presentation on disease the role of feed ingredients in disease transmission. Dr. Dee joined Pipestone Veterinary Services in July of 2011. Before joining the clinic Dr. Dee was a swine practitioner in Morris, Minnesota for 12 years and for the last 12 years a professor at the University of Minnesota where he conducted research in the areas of PRRSv transmission and biosecurity. Currently he serves as Director of Research for Pipestone Applied Research conducting research in the areas of viral transport and transmission in feed, feed biosecurity, and antimicrobial resistance.

The live panel for this event was hosted by Ciarán Carroll, Teagasc Pig Development Department Head of Knowledge Transfer.