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The Irish Pig Sector

Pig production in Ireland ranks third in importance behind beef & milk production accounting for 8% of Gross Agricultural Output. Employment in the pig sector accounts for at least 1,300 labour units on farms, with the total number employed in associated sectors such as pig meat processing, feed manufacture, haulage and services being estimated at 8,300. There is an estimated 290 commercial sow herds in Ireland and the June 2016 CSO Livestock Survey reported that there are 1.6 million pigs in Ireland, including 149,900 breeding sows. In 2016 Ireland exported an estimated 235,000 tonnes of pigment, worth approximately €615 million. The UK was the main Irish pigmeat market receiving 56% of our total pigmeat exports, 16% was exported to Continental EU and the remaining 28% went to international markets.

Production performance has improved in recent years. The Key Performance Indicators from the Teagasc PigSys recorded herds (2016) are shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Key Performance Indicators in PigSys Recorded Herds

No. Pigs Produced per Sow per Year 26.25
Litters per Sow per Year 2.38
Average Slaughter Weight kg Dead 83
Average Daily gain Weaning to Sale 697
Feed Conversion Weaning to Sale 2.42
Kg of pigmeat per Sow per year 2179
Tonnes of feed per Sow per year 7.77

Pig Herd Performance info-graphic 2016

See below for information for pig producers regarding Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS).

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