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Consortium - OneWelPig

Principle Investigator



Dr. Laura Boyle

Lead/contributor: Tasks 2, 6, 8, 10

Email: laura.boyle@teagasc.ie

Website: https://www.teagasc.ie/contact/staff-directory/b/laura-boyle/ 




Dr. Keelin O’Driscoll

Main research focus is to investigate novel and emerging management strategies which can improve the welfare of pigs, and thus the sustainability of the Irish pig sector. Since 2014 I have managed a research programme in the area of tail biting, primarily with regard to identifying environmental enrichment options for slatted systems.

Lead/contributor: Tasks 2, 6, 8, 10

Email: keelin.odriscoll@teagasc.ie

Website: https://www.teagasc.ie/contact/staff-directory/o/keelin-odriscoll/




Dr. Edgar Garcia Manzanilla

Edgar is Head of Department and a researcher in the Teagasc Pig Development Department. He is currently working on strategies to reduce AMU, and general improvement of biosecurity

Lead/contributor: Task 3

Email: egmanzanilla@gmail.com 

Website: https://www.teagasc.ie/contact/staff-directory/g/edgar-garcia-manzanilla/


Dr. Ruth Hamill

Email: Ruth.Hamill@teagasc.ie 

Website: https://www.teagasc.ie/contact/staff-directory/h/ruth-hamill/



Dr. Daire O’hUallacháin

Daire Ó hUallacháin is a researcher working with Teagasc, Environment Research Centre at Johnstown Castle, Wexford. His research interests include sustainable agriculture; terrestrial and freshwater ecology; water quality and sediment dynamics.

Lead/contributor: Tasks 2 and 6

Email: Daire.OHuallachain@teagasc.ie 

Website: https://www.teagasc.ie/contact/staff-directory/o/daire-ohuallachain/ 




Dr. Amy Quinn

Email: Amy.Quinn@teagasc.ie 

Website: https://www.teagasc.ie/contact/staff-directory/q/amy-quinn/ 


Queens University Belfast


Prof Ilias Kyriazakis

Ilias Kyriazakis is Professor of Animal Science at the Institute for Global Food Security of Queen's University Belfast. He works across livestock species, wit the aim of development management systems that reduce their environmental impact, whilst maintaining animal health and welfare. 

Email: I.Kyriazakis@qub.ac.uk 

Website: https://pure.qub.ac.uk/en/persons/ilias-kyriazakis




Dr. Grace Carroll

Grace Carroll is a lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at the School of Psychology, Queens University Belfast.

Grace’s research interests include farm animal welfare and the use of human behaviour change and other psychology-related frameworks for improving animal welfare.

Email: g.carroll@qub.ac.uk


University College Dublin


Prof Siobhan Mullan

Siobhan Mullan completed her PhD in developing valid animal-based assessments for use in farm assurance schemes for pigs and has continued to have a research focus on utilising a variety of initiatives to drive large scale welfare improvements in a range of species.

Email: siobhan.mullan@ucd.ie 


Prof Alison Hanlon


Dr. Lucie Adenaeuer

Current research focuses on environmental and economic impacts of potential mitigation and carbon sequestration policies on the Agriculture and Food sector. Research addresses pathways to reducing agricultural Greenhouse Gas emissions through the application of quantitative methods and modelling at regional level.

Assistant Professor in Agricultural Economics

University College Dublin

Email: lucie.adenaeuer@ucd.ie

Website: https://people.ucd.ie/lucie.adenaeuer




Dr. Rodrigo Olave

Main research focus is to investigate agro-forestry systems and forest genetics with an emphasis on quantifying the impact of management practices on ecosystem functioning and climate change mitigation strategies to include GHG dynamics and global warming potential as well as ecosystem service provision.

Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute

Environment & Marine Sciences Division

Email: rodrigo.olave@afbini.gov.uk


Stephanie BuijsDr. Stephanie Buijs


Stephanie Buijs is the head of the animal welfare unit at AFBI’s livestock production sciences branch. She studies a wide variety of aspects of animal welfare in several farm animal species. Her pig-related work focuses on the causes and consequences of social and exploratory behaviour, and the environment we need to offer pigs to satisfy their behavioural needs.

Lead/contributor: Tasks 5, 8

Email: stephanie.buijs@afbini.gov.uk