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Francis Gonley

Farmer Francis Gonley
Location Colga, Sligo 
Farm Description Running both a hill and lowland sheep grazing 77 Ha of commonage, 26 Ha of enclosed hill and 18 Ha of lowland ground 
Teagasc Advisor Tom Coll


Farm Plan

A detailed farm plan was drawn up for the farm and reviewed regularly. A summary of details of the plan are laid out below:

Breeding policy

  • Develop an all in all out system for the lowland flock
  • Produce replacements for the lowland flock from the hill flock
  • Move hill ewe type towards a Scottish Blackface type ewe

Grazing management

  • Set up an autumn closing plan
  • Address soil fertility issues
  • Improve grazing infrastructure across the farm
  • Use weekly grass budgeting to make grazing decisions
  • Increase performance of lambs from grass

Flock management

  • Housing policy – address housing issues
  • Late pregnancy nutrition – produce high DMD silage


  • Implement flock health plan