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Tomás O'Toole

Farmer Tomás O'Toole
Location Moyard,  Co. Galway
Farm Description Running both hill and lowland sheep enterprises alongside a suckler cow herd selling followers as weanlings grazing 29 Ha of commonage, 13 Ha of enclosed hill and 40 Ha of ‘green’ ground.
Teagasc Advisor Joanne Masterson

Farm Plan

A detailed farm plan was drawn up for the farm and reviewed regularly. A summary of details of the plan are laid out below:

Breeding policy

  • Use performance recorded rams
  • Targeted breeding plans for lowland and hill ewes
  • Use a terminal sire on 30% of the flock
  • Target output 1.2 – 1.4 lambs weaned/ewe joined across the entire flock

Flock management

  • Plan to split flock into high output lowland flock and hill ewe flock
  • Aiming to reduce running costs for hill bred sheep within the flock
  • Increase time spent grazing on the hill
  • Lamb hill bred ewes outdoors

Grazing management

  • Soil fertility being addressed
  • Grass budgeting on lowland ground
  • Targeted fertilizer use across lowland and enclosed hill land
  • Options being discussed for improving management of hill vegetation


  • Implement flock health plan