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Lambplus €uro-Stars – Buying a ram?

by Frank Hynes

Are you purchasing a ram this year? If the answer is yes, you should make use of Lambplus ‘€uro – Star’ evaluations if available. Sheep bred in flocks that participated in the ‘Lambplus’ Sheep Breeding Scheme have their ‘€uro – Star’ evaluations printed in sales catalogues. The €uro-Star figures should be used as a tool to help in the selection process. The higher the accuracy % of the figures the more use can be made of this selection tool.

The way in which the €uro-Star evaluations are presented is intended to be as easy to understand as possible. Animals with high genetic potential are marked as 5 Star with the lower genetic potential animals marked as 1 Star. The €uro-Star evaluations are one of a number of tools upon which you should make your decision. Flock owners should

  • firstly select rams that satisfy the individual requirements from a physical point of view (physical appearance, soundness of legs, quality of sexual organs etc)
  • secondly turn to the €uro-Star evaluations selecting rams with higher star ratings for particular traits you want to improve.

This ensures you are getting the physical qualities married to the genetic qualities, the ideal match.