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Carlos Alvarez-García

Research Officer

Research Interests

My research interests are focused in recovering compounds of interest from food co-products (either from fish, meat, vegetables or seaweed sources), looking for innovative applications, in order to reduce the environmental impact of these industrial activities. The use of emerging technologies pursuing the optimization of extraction/purification processes is part of my field of research.

Developing new techniques to analyse and control the biochemical and molecular processes during the post-slaughter stage on the transformation form muscle to meat is my other field of interest. Main goal is to understand the source of variability in meat tenderness, and therefore design post-mortem interventions to minimise the current variability on meat quality.

Current Projects

  • ReValue Protein Project
  • MTI: RP2, Meat Tenderness Management


  • BSc Biology (2004) University of Oviedo (Spain)
  • MSc Food Biotechnology (2006) University of Oviedo (Spain)
  • PhD Food Biotechnology (2012) University of Oviedo (Spain)
  • Post-Doctoral Student (2014) Teagasc Ashtown
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  • Lynch, S. A., Álvarez, C., O'Neill, E. E., Keenan, D. F., & Mullen, A. M. (2018). Optimization of protein recovery from bovine lung by pH shift process using response surface methodology. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 98(5), 1951-1960.
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  • Kulawik, P., Álvarez, C., Cullen, P. J., Aznar-Roca, R., Mullen, A. M., & Tiwari, B. (2017). The effect of non-thermal plasma on the lipid oxidation and microbiological quality of sushi. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies.
  • Marcet, I., Álvarez, C., Paredes, B., Rendueles, M., & Díaz, M. (2018). Transparent and Edible Films from Ultrasound-Treated Egg Yolk Granules. Food and Bioprocess Technology, 11(4), 735-747.
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