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S.M. Ashekuzzaman

Research Officer - Wastewater Treatment & Recycling Nutrients

Research Interests

  • Nutrients (N/P/K) recovery and recycling
  • Improving unit process for wastewater treatment
  • Industrial sludge valorisation
  • Synthesis and modifications of reactive adsorbents for environmental remediation
  • Groundwater arsenic contamination and remediation

Current Projects

Dairy Processing Technology Centre (DPTC) programme in Ireland – “Recycling and recovery of nutrients from dairy industry residue resources”. This includes experimental investigations on the valorization of dairy industry sludge for sustainable agri-environmental value. DPTC website link: http://www.dptc.ie/


Ph.D. in Environmental Technology & Engineering, Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland, United Kingdom.

M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering, Aalborg University, Denmark. 

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh

Professional Membership


  • Ashekuzzaman SM and Jiang J-Q, (2017). Strategic phosphate removal/recovery by a re-usable Mg-Fe-Cl layered 0double hydroxide. Process Safety and Environmental Protection 107: 454–462.
  • Sharifuzzaman SM, Rahman H, Ashekuzzaman SM, Islam MM, Chowdhury SR, Hossain MS, (2016). Heavy metals accumulation in coastal sediments. In: Hasegawa H, Mofizur Rahman, IMD, Rahman MA, Eds. Environmental Remediation Technologies for Metal-Contaminated Soils. Japan: Springer, DOI: 10.1007/978-4-431-55759-3.
  • Jiang J-Q, Ashekuzzaman SM, Hargreaves JSJ, McFarlane AR, Badruzzaman ABM, Tarek MH, (2015). Removal of arsenic (III) from groundwater applying a reusable Mg-Fe-Cl layered double hydroxide. J Chem Technol Biotechnol 90: 1160–1166.
  • Ashekuzzaman SM and Jiang J-Q, (2014). Study on the sorption-desorption-regeneration performance of Ca-, Mg- and CaMg- based layered double hydroxides for removing phosphate from water. Chemical Engineering Journal 246: 97−105.
  • Jiang J-Q and Ashekuzzaman SM, (2014). Preparation and evaluation of layered double hydroxides (LDHs) for phosphate removal. Desal Water Treat 55:836–843.
  • Sharma P, Goel G, Ashekuzzaman SM, Saini G, Singh R, (2014). Groundwater arsenic in South-East Asia: extent, effects, and solutions. Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution 11: 1−11.
  • Jiang J-Q, Ashekuzzaman SM, Jiang A, Sharifuzzaman SM, Chowdhury SR, (2013). Arsenic contaminated groundwater and its treatment options in Bangladesh. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 10: 18–46.
  • Jiang J-Q and Ashekuzzaman SM, (2012). Development of novel inorganic adsorbent for water treatment. Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering 1: 191–199.
  • Ashekuzzaman SM and Poulsen TG, (2011). Optimizing feed composition for improved methane yield during anaerobic digestion of cow manure based waste mixtures. Bioresource Technology 102: 2213–2218