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André Brodkorb

Research Officer

Research Interests

Protein Structure - Function relationship Structure = molecular structure (primary, secondary and tertiary), modification, and aggregation; Function = physical properties (e.g. gelation, viscosity), bio-activity

Anti-tumour effect of protein complexes (BioA-Lac, HAMLET) - effect of processing on potential bioactive properties of α-lactalbumin and other whey proteins

Bioencapsulation - protection of probiotic bacteria and other sensitive food ingredients

Separation and fractionation of proteins/peptides - development and evaluation of novel chromatographic and non-chromatographic purification and fractionation of mainly globular proteins and proteolytic fractions thereof


Degree (5-year) in Chemistry -“Diplomchemiker”; 1995 Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena, Germany

PhD in Bio-physical chemistry, 2001 Université Libré de Bruxelles, Belgium

Doherty, S., Ross, P. R., Stanton, C., Fitzgerald, G. F., & Brodkorb, A. (submitted 2009). Efficacy of whey protein gel networks as potential viability-enhancing scaffolds for cell immobilization of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG. Submitted for revision toJournal of Microbiological Methods

Kehoe, J. J., Remondetto, G. E., Subirade, M., Morris, E. R., & Brodkorb, A. (2008). Tryptophan-Mediated Denaturation of β-Lactoglobulin A by UV Irradiation. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 26 (12), 4720-4725.

Mounsey, J. S., O'Kennedy, B. T., Fenelon, M. A., & Brodkorb, A. (2008). The effect of heating on [beta]-lactoglobulin-chitosan mixtures as influenced by pH and ionic strength. Food Hydrocolloids, 22, 65-73.

Kehoe, J. J., Brodkorb, A., Molle, D., Yokoyama, E., Famelart, M.-H., Bouhallab, S., Morris, E. R., & Croguennec, T. (2007). Determination of exposed sulphydryl groups in heated β-lactoglobulin A using IAEDANS and mass spectrometry. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 55, 7107-7113.

Kehoe, J. J., Morris, E. R., & Brodkorb, A. (2007). The influence of bovine serum albumin on [beta]-lactoglobulin denaturation, aggregation and gelation. Food Hydrocolloids, 21 (5-6), 747-755.

Chatterton, D. E. W., Smithers, G., Roupas, P., & Brodkorb, A. (2006). Bioactivity of beta-lactoglobulin and alpha-lactalbumin-Technological implications for processing. International Dairy Journal, 16 (11), 1229-1240.