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Denis Brennan


Current Projects

  • Management of Johnstown castle Water laboratory. Analysing water and soil extractants for the environmental research programme. This involves helping students and researchers decide on appropriate analysis in line with lab capability and troubleshooting result calculations. Supervision and training of college placement interns.
  • Other activities include;
    • Instruments; Gallery, TOC/TN, IC, ICP, TN/TP, BOD
    • Laboratory methods for analysis of water and soil.
    • Development of new techniques for analysis of environmental samples.

Previous Experience:
Soil analysis; Major and Micronutrients, Multi element extractants.
Fertiliser & Lime analysis.
Chemical and Physical analysis of Golf course and sports turf samples.


  • 2002  -  MSc Soil Science, University of Limerick 
  • 1998  -  Diploma in Quality Management, Waterford Institute of Technology
  • 1976  -  Certificate in Applied Chemistry and Food Science, Carlow Institute of Technology


Denis has published many peer reviewed scientific papers:

Martínez-Suller. L., G. Provolo, D. Brennan, T. Howlin. O.T. Carton, S.T.J. Lalor and K.G.Richards. 2010 A note on the estimation of nutrient value of cattle slurry using easily determined physical and chemical parameters Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research 49: 93–97.

L. Martínez-Suller, G. Provolo1, O.T. Carton, D. Brennan, L. Kirwan and K.G. Richards. 2010. The composition of dirty water on dairy farms in Ireland. Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research 49: 67–80, 2010

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Premrov, A., Coxon, C., Hackett, R., Kirwan, L., Brennan, D. and Richards, K. (2009). Reducing nitrate leaching to shallow groundwater. In: Ireland's Rural Env. Research highlights from Johnstown Castle. Teagasc IE p38  ISBN 1841705438   21284  B3.

Jahangir, M.M.R., Khalil, M. I., Johnston, P., Murphy, J.B., Brennan, D. and Richards, K. (2009). Assessment of groundwater denitrification capacity. In: Ireland's Rural Env. Research highlights from Johnstown Castle. Teagasc IE p34-35  ISBN 1841705438   21289  B3.

Brennan, D., Coulter, B.S., Mullen, G. and Courtney, R. (2008). Evaluation of Mehlich 3 for extraction of copper and zinc from Irish grassland soils and for prediction of herbage content. Com. In Soil Sciences and Plant Analysis 39:13, 1943-1962 - 17091  A1.

D. Brennan, B. Coulter, G. Mullen & R. Courtney , 2008 Evaluation of Mehlich 3 for Extraction of Copper and Zinc from Irish Grassland Soils and for Prediction of Herbage Content. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis. Volume 39, Issue 13-14 pages 1943-1962

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Coulter, B.S., McCormack, S., Brennan, D., Dowdall, E., McGrath, D., Blagden, P.A., Berry, J.P., McDonald, E. and Murphy, W.E. (1998). A baseline study of the major, trace and heavy elements in soils and herbage from the vicinity of Tarbert power station.