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Fiona Brennan

Research Officer - Soil & Environmental Microbiology

Research Interests

  • Soil and plant microbiomes
  • Impacts of agricultural practice on soil health and ecosystem functioning
  • Microbial-Soil-Plant interactions
  • Microbial cycling of nutrients in agronomic systems
  • Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enteropathogens in the environment
  • Soil persistent E. coli

Research group details


Fiona completed a BSc in Environmental Biology (University College Dublin) and a PhD in Microbiology (NUI Galway) prior to holding postdoctoral research positions within Teagasc and INRA (The French National Institute for Agricultural Research). Prior to her current appointment she was a lecturer in Microbiology in NUI Galway and a research scientist in the James Hutton Institute, Scotland. She is currently an associate editor with the European journal of Soil Science and on the editorial board of the European Journal of Soil Biology.


A full list of publications are avaiable on:
google scholar

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