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Marion Beecher

Research Officer

Research Interests

  • Dairy farm labour productivity and efficiency
  • Labour efficient technologies, e.g. infra-structure, facilities and practices and work organization
  • Human resource management within dairy farm businesses

Current Projects

  • An evaluation of work organisation and human resource management within Irish dairy farm businesses.
  • Maximising labour productivity and minimising labour demand on Irish dairy farms


PhD in Animal Science, University College Dublin
Bachelor of Agriculture Science, University College Dublin


Sept 2017 – present Research Officer: Dairy Farm Labour Productivity
June 2014 – Sept 2017 Professional Diploma in Dairy Farm Management Programme Coordinator
Sept 2010 – May 2014 Ph.D. in Agricultural Science, NUI, Dublin

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  • Beecher, M., Lewis, E., Boland, T., Galvin, N., Fleming, C., O’Neill, B. and O’Donovan, M. 2011. Investigation of the relationship between sward organic matter digestibility and sward leaf proportion from 20 years data. Advances in Animal Biosciences. September 2011. Volume 2 Part 2.