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Stephen Byrne

Research Officer

Research Interests

My research is focussed on plant genetics and genomics, and in particular on using genomics in the breeding of plant varieties that will add value to Irish agriculture. I am interested in genome assembly and annotation, using sequencing to directly characterise genetic variation across populations, genome wide association studies, and genomic prediction.

Current Projects

H2020-MSCA-IF-2014 – 658031 – GenSPI: Genomic Selection for Potato Improvement

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  • Ashraf B, Byrne S, Fè D, Czaban S, Asp T, Greve Pedersen M, Lenk I, Roulund N,Didion T,  Jensen CS,  Jensen J, Janss L, 2015. Estimating genomic heritabilities at the level of family-pool samples of perennial ryegrass using genotyping-by-sequencing. Theoretical and Applied Genetics (DOI: 10.1007/s00122-015-2607-9).
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  • Parijs FRD, Ruttink T, Boerjan W, Haesaert G, Byrne SL, Asp T, Roldán‐Ruiz I, Muylle H, 2015. Clade classification of monolignol biosynthesis gene family members reveals target genes to decrease lignin in Lolium perenne. Plant Biology, 17(4):877-92.
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