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Tom Beresford

Research Officer

Research Interests

My primary research interests relate to aspects of cheese microbiology in particular the influence of various starter and non-starter organisms on the biochemistry of cheese ripening. A particular current focus of my current research relates to the potential of bacterial exopollysaccharide to impact on both the techno- and bio- functionality of dairy products. In addition, I am interested in Lactobacillus helveticus as a cheese ripening organisms and as part of this work the complete sequence of DPC4571 an L. helveticus strain with interesting technological characteristics from the MFRC culture collection has been elucidated. In addition, I am interested in microbial fermentation with particular reference to the capacity of a range of bacteria to release bioactive peptides from protein molecules. I have also worked extensively on High Pressure Processing, a novel technology with potential food applications.


BSc. University College, Cork, Ireland. 1985

PhD. University College, Cork, Ireland. 199

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Rynne, N.M., Beresford, T.P., Kelly, A.L., Tunick, M.T., Malin, E.L. and Guinee, T.P. (2007). Effect of exopolysaccharide-producing adjunct starter cultures on the manufacture, composition and yield of half-fat Cheddar cheese. The Australian Journal of Dairy Technology, 62, No. 1.

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