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Vijaya Bhaskar A.V.

Research Officer

Research Interests

My research interests are focused on co-developing site-specific optimisation of the farm management action to tackle grass weed problems and improve soils sustainability.

Diverse academic research experience accrued in Germany (investigated early seedling traits of heterogeneous crop populations in a hydroponic system to identify any specific adaptation traits that would be of agroecological breeding interest, as part of BMBF-INSUSFAR and EU H2020 REMIX projects); Denmark (reviewed literature on weed and nutrient management related to soil quality, crop yields, resource-use efficiency and environmental impacts, as part of EU H2020 SoilCare project) and India (co-ordinated the farming systems for nutrition study in high burden undernutrition regions of India under Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA) project).

Current Projects

Enable Conservation Tillage


BSc Agriculture, Tamilnadu Agricultural University (India)

MBA Business Management in Global Food Industry, Royal Agricultural University (UK)

MSc Agro-environmental Management, Aarhus University (Denmark)

PhD Agricultural Systems, Coventry University (UK)

Vijaya Bhaskar AV, Baresel JP, Weedon O & Finckh MR. (2019). Effects of ten years organic and conventional farming on early seedling traits of evolving winter wheat composite cross populations. Scientific Reports 9, 9053, 1-12.


Vijaya Bhaskar AV, Weedon O & Finckh MR. (2019). Exploring the differences between organic and conventional breeding in early vigour traits of winter wheat. European Journal of Agronomy 105, 86-95


Vijaya Bhaskar AV, Baresel JP, Weedon O & Finckh MR. (2018). Early vigour traits of winter wheat composite cross populations evolving under organic and conventional conditions. In: XVe European Society for Agronomy Congress (ESA). Interaction between production systems and ecological plant protection, 27-31 August, Geneva, Switzerland, PP. 96.


Vijaya Bhaskar AV, Jäkel A, Baresel JP, Weedon O & Finckh MR. (2018). Effects of organic and conventional management for five years on early seedling traits on three winter wheat composite cross populations. In: European Association for Research on Plant Breeding (Hrsg.) EUCARPIA Symposium on Breeding for Diversification, 19-21 February, Witzenhausen, Germany, PP. 75-77.


Vijaya Bhaskar AV, Nithya DJ, Raju S, Bhavani RV. (2017). Establishing integrated agriculture nutrition programmes to diversify household food and diets in rural India. Food Security 9 (5), 981-999.


Vijaya Bhaskar AV, Davies WP, Cannon ND, Conway JS. (2014). Weed manifestation under different tillage and legume undersowing in organic wheat. Biological Agriculture & Horticulture 30 (4), 253-263.  


Vijaya Bhaskar AV, Davies WP, Cannon ND, Conway JS. (2013). Organic wheat performance following conventional and non-inversion tillage systems. Biological Agriculture & Horticulture 29 (4), 236-243.