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Vijaya Bhaskar A.V.

Research Officer

Research Interests

Weed science and agronomy including

  • Herbicide resistance
  • Weed management in non-inversion crop establishment systems
  • Non-chemical and integrated weed control methods in crop and grassland production systems under Irish climate
  • Weed agro-ecology and biology
  • Weed distribution maps and species lists in organic and conventional systems to generate climate-specific and production-specific knowledge
  • Grower surveys linking weed challenges and farm management actions

Current Projects

  • Evolving grass-weed challenges and their impact on the adoption of carbon-smart tillage systems (EVOLVE: DAFM-RSF funded)
  • Enable Conservation Tillage (ECT: EIP funded)


BSc Agriculture, Tamilnadu Agricultural University (India)
MBA Business Management in Global Food Industry, Royal Agricultural University (UK)
MSc Agro-environmental Management, Aarhus University (Denmark)
PhD Agricultural Systems, Coventry University (UK)

  • Vijayarajan VBA, Fealy RM, Cook SK, Onkokesung N, Barth S, Hennessy M & Forristal PD. (2022). Grass-weed challenges, herbicide resistance status and weed control practices across crop establishment systems in Ireland’s mild Atlantic climate. Frontiers in Agronomy, 4: 1063773. https://doi.org/10.3389/fagro.2022.1063773
  • Alwarnaidu Vijayarajan VB, Forristal PD, Cook SK, Staples J, Schilder D, Hennessy M & Barth S. (2021). First identification and characterization of cross- and multiple resistance to acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACCase)- and acetolactate synthase (ALS)-inhibiting herbicides in black-grass (Alopecurus myosuroides) and Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) populations from Agriculture 11, 1272.
  • Alwarnaidu Vijayarajan VB, Forristal PD, Cook SK, Staples J, Schilder D, Hennessy M & Barth S. (2020). First report on assessing the severity of herbicide resistance to ACCase inhibitors pinoxaden, propaquizafop and cycloxydim in six Avena fatua populations in Ireland. Agronomy 10,
  • Vijaya Bhaskar AV, Baresel JP, Weedon O & Finckh MR. (2019). Effects of ten years organic and conventional farming on early seedling traits of evolving winter wheat composite cross populations. Scientific Reports 9, 9053, 1-12.
  • Vijaya Bhaskar AV,Weedon O & Finckh MR. (2019). Exploring the differences between organic and conventional breeding in early vigour traits of winter wheat. European Journal of Agronomy 105, 86-95
  • Vijaya Bhaskar AV, Baresel JP, Weedon O & Finckh MR. (2018). Early vigour traits of winter wheat composite cross populations evolving under organic and conventional conditions. In: XVeEuropean Society for Agronomy Congress (ESA). Interaction between production systems and ecological plant protection, 27-31 August, Geneva, Switzerland, PP. 96.
  • Vijaya Bhaskar AV,Jäkel A, Baresel JP, Weedon O & Finckh MR. (2018). Effects of organic and conventional management for five years on early seedling traits on three winter wheat composite cross populations. In: European Association for Research on Plant Breeding (Hrsg.) EUCARPIA Symposium on Breeding for Diversification, 19-21 February, Witzenhausen, Germany, PP. 75-77.
  • Vijaya Bhaskar AV, Nithya DJ, Raju S, Bhavani RV. (2017). Establishing integrated agriculture nutrition programmes to diversify household food and diets in rural India. Food Security 9 (5), 981-999.
  • Vijaya Bhaskar AV, Davies WP, Cannon ND, Conway JS. (2014). Weed manifestation under different tillage and legume undersowing in organic wheat. Biological Agriculture & Horticulture 30 (4), 253-263.
  • Vijaya Bhaskar AV, Davies WP, Cannon ND, Conway JS. (2013). Organic wheat performance following conventional and non-inversion tillage systems. Biological Agriculture & Horticulture 29 (4), 236-243.

 Charlotte Morgan PhD student