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William Burchill

Advisor - Dairy Joint Programme


BA in Agriculture, Cork Institute of Technology, 2009
BA (Hons) in Land Management (Agriculture), Waterford Institute of Technology 2010
PhD. Agri-Environmental Sciences, Teagasc Moorepark and Trinity College Dublin 2014

Burchill, W., Li, D., Lanigan, G., Williams, M. and Humphreys, J. (2014) Inter-annual variation in nitrous oxide emissions from perennial ryegrass/white clover based grassland used for dairy production. Global Change Biology. 10, 3137-3146, DOI: 3110.1111/gcb.12595.

Burchill, W., James, E., Li, D., Williams, M., Iannetta, P. and Humphreys, J. (2014). Comparisons of biological nitrogen fixation in association with white clover (trifolium repens L.) under four fertiliser nitrogen inputs as measured using two 15N techniques. Plant and Soil. 385, 287-302, DOI 10.1007/s11104-014-2199

Burchill, W., Lanigan, G., Li, D., Williams, M. and Humphreys, J. A complete farm N balance for a pasture-based system of dairy production under moist maritime climatic conditions. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment (under review)

Burchill, W., Lanigan, G., Li, D., Williams, M. and Humphreys, J. (2013) Nitrous oxide production from Irish grassland. TResearch, Volume 8: number 2. Summer 2013. pp 28-29: Teagasc.

Fischer, K., Burchill, W., Lanigan, G.J., Kaupenjohann, M., Chambers, B.J., Richards, K.G. and Forrestal, P.J (2015). Ammonia emissions from cattle dung, urine and urine with dicyandiamide in a temperate grassland. Soil Use and Management (in press)

Necpálová, M., Li, D., Lanigan, G., Casey, I. A, Fitzgerald, E., Burchill, W., and Humphreys, J. (2013). Changes in soil organic carbon in clay-loam soil following ploughing and reseeding of permanent grassland under moist temperate climatic conditions. Grass and Forage Science. 69, 611-624, DOI: 10.1111/gfs.12080