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Ciara Carberry

Technologist - Animal Bioscience

Research Interests

Utilisation of a range of molecular approaches to characterise and quantify the ruminal microbiome in cattle divergent for host feed efficiency with specialist focus on characterisation of methane (CH4) producing rumen microbes.

Bovine and equine genetics and host feed efficiency, specifically the effects of dietary manipulation and supplementation and the interaction with the host microbiome.


PhD, BSc. Biochemistry Hons


Equinome Ltd: 2012-2016 –Molecular Biologist and Lab Manager
Teagasc: 2016-Present – Research Technologist Animal Bioscience Department

Carberry, C.A., Kenny D.A., Kelly A.K. and Waters S.M. 2014. Quantitative analysis of ruminal methanogenic microbial populations in beef cattle divergent in phenotypic residual feed intake (RFI) offered contrasting diets. Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology 22; 5(1):41. 


Carberry, C.A., Waters, S.M., Kenny, D.A. and Creevey, C.J. 2014. Rumen methanogenic genotypes differ in abundance according to host residual feed intake phenotype and diet type. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 80(2): 586-94. 


Carberry, C.A., Kenny D.A., Han, S., McCabe M.S. and Waters S.M. 2012. Effect of phenotypic residual feed intake (RFI) and dietary forage content on the rumen microbial community of beef cattle. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78(14): 4949-4958. 


Kelly, A.K., Waters, S.M., McGee M., Fonseca R.G., Carberry, C.A. and Kenny D.A. 2011. mRNA expression of genes regulating oxidative phosphorylation in the muscle of beef cattle divergently ranked on residual feed intake. Physiological Genomics 43: 12-23.