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Eoghan Corbett

Research Officer

Research Interests

Identifying raw-materials and transformation processes suitable for the production of growth media, specifically to replace peat within Irish professional horticultural crop production applications. Of particular interest are candidate materials sourced either as renewable bio-resources or alternatively as waste and/or side-stream products generated as a result of indigenous industrial and land management practices.

Some transformative processes have the potential to enhance the intrinsic beneficial qualities of various raw-material resources, converting them into value-added end-products. Extending the usable lifespan of indigenous resources will help to ensure more sustainable resource management practices as well as safeguarding national nutrient and food security into the future

Current Projects

Beyond Peat (DAFM funded)


  • BA(mod) Geology (2014) Trinity College Dublin
  • PhD (2021) Trinity College Dublin
  1. Corbett, E.P., Simonetti, A., Shaw, P., Corcoran, L., Crowley, Q.G. and Hoare, B.C., 2020. Shallow sampling by multi-shot laser ablation and its application within U-Pb zircon geochronology. Chemical Geology544, p.119568.
  2. Chew, D.M., Pedemonte, G. and Corbett, E., 2016. Proto-andean evolution of the eastern Cordillera of Peru. Gondwana Research35, pp.59-78.