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Muireann Conneely

Research Officer - Dairy Cow Welfare

Research Interests

  • Dairy cow welfare
  • Dairy cow lameness

Current Projects

  • Welfare of dairy cows in grass-based systems


  • PhD in Dairy Calf Health, University College Dublin (2014)
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, University College Dublin (2005)

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Conneely M, Berry DP, Murphy JP, Lorenz I, Doherty ML, Kennedy E (2014) Effects of milk feeding volume and frequency on body weight and health of dairy heifer calves. Livestock Science 161: 90-94

Conneely M,. Berry DP, Sayers R, Murphy JP, Lorenz I, Doherty ML, Kennedy E (2013). "Factors associated with the concentration of immunoglobulin G in the colostrum of dairy cows." Animal 7(11): 1824-1832.

Conneely M, Berry DP, Murphy JP, Lorenz I, Doherty ML, Kennedy E (2014). "Effect of feeding colostrum at different volumes and subsequent number of transition milk feeds on the serum immunoglobulin G concentration and health status of dairy calves." Journal of Dairy Science 97(11): 6991-7000.

Hogan I, Doherty ,  Fagan J,  Kennedy E,  Conneely M,  Brady P, Ryan  C,and Lorenz I (2015). "Comparison of rapid laboratory tests for failure of passive transfer in the bovine." Irish Veterinary Journal 68.

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