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Paul Crosson

Research Officer and Beef Enterprise Leader

Research Interests

  • Economic and environmental assessment of beef cattle production systems.

Current Projects

  • Developing more sustainable weanling-to-beef production systems in the context of animal genetics and multi-species swards.
  • Bio-economic modelling of maternal traits for grass-based suckler beef cow production systems.
  • Development, validation and application of a bioeconomic systems model of beef cow reproductive management strategies.
  • Life cycle assessment modelling of grass and grass products for anaerobic digestion.
  • Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from beef cattle production systems.
  • Evaluation of the factors influencing technical and financial performance of Irish suckler beef farms.


University College Dublin, BAgrSc, PhD, P.Dip.

Professional Membership


  • Anne Jarousse; Pauline Madrange; Jimmy Balouzat; Guillier Maeva; Giacomo Pirlo; Alexandre Mertens; Edward ORiordan; Christoph Pahmeyer; Sylvain Hennart; Louise Legein; Paul Crosson; Mark Kearney; Philippe Dimon; Carlo Bertozzi; Edouard Reding; Miriam Iacurto; James Breen; Sara Carè; Patrick Veysset (2020) Evaluation of the contribution of 16 European beef production systems to food security Agricultural Systems Vol 190, May 2021, 103088
  • D. Sapkota, A.K. Kelly, P. Crosson, R.R. White and M. McGee (2020) Quantification of cow milk yield and pre-weaning calf growth response in temperate pasture-based beef suckler systems: A meta-analysis. Livestock Science Volume 241, 104222
  • Taylor R. F., McGee M., Kelly A. K. and Crosson P. (2020) Bioeconomic and greenhouse gas emissions modelling of the factors influencing technical efficiency of temperate grassland-based suckler calf-to-beef production systems. Agricultural Systems Volume 183, 102860
  • Lynch R., Kelly A. K., Kenny D. A. and Crosson P. (2020) Development and evaluation of a dynamic simulation model of pasture based suckler beef systems. Agricultural Systems Volume 182, June 2020, 102797
  • Stine Samsonstuen, Bente A. Åby, Paul Crosson, Karen A. Beauchemin, Marit S.Wetlesenad, HelgeBonesmo and Laila Aass (2020) Variability in greenhouse gas emission intensity of semi-intensive suckler cow beef production systems. Livestock Science Volume 239, September 2020, 104091
  • Todd, C.G., McGee, M., Tiernan, K., Crosson, P., O’Riordan, E., McClure, J., Lorenz, I., Earley, B. (2018). An observational study on passive immunity in Irish suckler beef and dairy calves: Tests for failure of passive transfer of immunity and associations with health and performance. Preventive Veterinary Medicine. 1;159:182-195.10.1016/j.prevetmed.2018.07.014
  • Crosson, P. (2017) Invited paper - Sustainability of grass-fed beef production systems. Proceedings of the 63rd International Congress on Meat Science and Technology, Cork, Ireland, 13-18 August 2017.
  • Crosson, P. (2018) Invited paper - Greenhouse gas emissions from livestock systems: Irish perspectives on a global issue. Seminar: Reductions of GHG-emissions from livestock production, Ski, Norway, 7 February 2018.
  • Crosson, P., R.F. Taylor, A.K. Kelly and M. McGee (2018) Invited paper - Economic and environmental sustainability of beef systems. BSAS Annual Conference, Dublin, 11 April 2018.
  • Crosson, P. (2021) Invited Paper - Research approaches to improved the carbon efficiency of beef cattle production systems. The Challenge of Change. The New Normal. BSAS Virtual Conference. 12-15 April 2021.
  • Aoife Bergin - Farm systems modelling of production technologies to increase output from suckler beef systems.
  • Mark Kearney - Co-definition and evaluation of SUSTAINable BEEF farming systems based on resources non edible by humans.