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Beth Dooley

Research Officer – Dairy Careers Researcher & Coordinator for the People in Dairying Programme

Research Interests

Beth Dooley is a Research Officer with Teagasc’s Livestock Systems Department focusing on issues surrounding the people side of Irish dairying. Her programme of work aims to explore and build industry connections and impact around human resource management, labour efficiency, career roles and progression, new entrants, education and continuing professional development (upskilling), collaborative arrangements and joint ventures, as well as farm succession and transition within the dairy industry. Beth’s research also focuses on learning processes through collaboration and multi-actor innovation approaches, as well as agri-environmental law and policy at the international, EU and national level.

Current Projects

  • People in Dairy Programme
  • Great Farm Workplaces Project (forthcoming) – action-based research aiming to understand change processes around labour efficiency and people management on Irish dairy farms, co-design action plans and targets, and co-create key performance indicators (KPIs) through a multi-actor approach.


  • PhD candidate in Sociology, University of Exeter (UK)
  • LL.M. (Master of Laws) in Global Environment and Climate Change Law, University of Edinburgh (UK)
  • Juris Doctorate in Law, Specialization in Food and Agricultural Law, Drake University Law School (US)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, International Studies and Communication, University of Iowa (US)

Professional Membership

  • Iowa State Bar
  • American Agricultural Law Association
  • International Farm Management Association
  • Farmer-Led Innovation Network
  • IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law, Specialist Soils Group
  • Dooley, E., Lobley, M., and Winter, M. (2021). Social learning theory in farmer discussion groups: building trust, fostering self-reflexivity, and facilitating change. RGS-IBG International Conference, London, UK, 31 Aug 2021.
  • Dooley, E., Lobley, M., Winter, M., Doney, J., and van Dijk, L. (2021). Critical discourse to foster social learning: characteristics, (meta)cognitive skills and facilitation. ESEE Conference, Dublin, IR, June 2021.
  • Dooley, E. (2020). An Ethnographic Look into Farmer Discussion Groups through the Lens of Social Learning Theory. Sustainability, 12, 7808, doi: 10.3390/su12187808.
  • Dooley, E., and Condra, A. (2018). Regional Development in Rural Areas and Promotion of Local Foods: Comparing the EU and US Approach. In Monteduro et al., (Eds.). Food Diversity Between Rights, Duties and Autonomies. Switzerland: Springer.
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  • EU and UK Agri-Environmental Policy, University of Vermont Law School, US, Sept 2020.
  • Knowledge Exchange in FDGs, University of Exeter, UK, Mar 2020.
  • A deep dive into farmer discussion groups through the lens of social learning theory, Winter School, CCRI University of Gloucestershire, UK, Jan 2020.
  • Business strategic planning and goal setting, Farmer discussion group, Dorset, UK, Nov 2019.
  • Hillbilly Resurrection: Legal, Economic and Social Comparison between Appalachia and South Wales Post-Mining Areas, Appalachian/Carpathian International Conference, Brasov, RO, Oct 2019.
  • Resilience and Emerging Opportunities, Women in Dairy National Conference, Worcester, UK, Sept 2019.
  • Farmer-led initiatives monitoring and evaluation, Workshop at the European Seminar on Extension (and) Education (ESEE) Conference, Sicily, IT, Jun 2019.
  • Climate Change and Agriculture: Transforming global policy into local action, Allegheny College, US, Apr 2017.
  • Farm Family Succession Planning, Trainings for the International Farm Transition Network, US, 2017.