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Laura Devaney

Contract Research Officer

Research Interests

Laura is a contract research officer in Teagasc, currently working on the European-funded CASA project that aims to establish a consolidated research agenda for agriculture and the wider bioeconomy in Europe. This work includes a review of the European Research & Innovation policy landscape as well as a detailed assessment of SCAR (the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research) to support its further development and increase the impact and effectiveness of SCAR activities and outputs. Previous to her CASA commitments, Laura was a postdoctoral researcher on the nationally funded BioÉire project, identifying the most promising value chain opportunities for the Irish bioeconomy utilising an online Delphi methodology. Results form part of the knowledge base being used by the Department of the Taoiseach (Prime Minister’s Office) to develop a national bioeconomy policy statement for Ireland.

Before her time in Teagasc, Laura lectured in the Department of Geography, Trinity College Dublin where she was also lead researcher of the Eating HomeLabs for the CONSENSUS project that examined sustainable consumption at the household level (www.consensus.ie). Her PhD research, also at Trinity, examined the nature, determinants and perceptions of food risk governance in Ireland. Throughout her research career, she has engaged a wide range of public, private and civil society stakeholders through a variety of methodologies including focus groups, semi-structured interviews, visioning workshops, ethnographic household experiments, co-design events and online iterative surveys.

Laura has also conducted bioeconomy research in Nova Scotia in 2017, funded by a Dobbin Atlantic Scholarship from the Ireland Canada University Foundation, provided with support from the Irish Government. She is due to travel to UC Berkeley in 2018 as an EPA-Fulbright scholar to research American bioeconomy governance and development, forging further bioeconomy research connections across the Atlantic.

Current Projects

CASA – Common Agricultural and wider bioeconomy research Agenda (EC- funded)

Previous Projects

BioÉire - A Bioeconomy for Ireland (DAFM); Results: BioÉire Results Launch


PhD Geography, School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin
Bachelor of Arts (Moderatorship) Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin

Professional Membership

Geographical Society of Ireland, Member, 2009-present
SCORAI Europe (Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative), Member, 2013-present

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  • Devaney, L. (2013) "Spaces of security, surveillance and food safety: interrogating perceptions of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland’s governing technologies, power and performance", The Geographical Journal, 179 (4), p320-330. (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/geoj.12001/abstract)

Under Review

  • Devaney, L. and Henchion M. (submitted 2017) “Consensus, caveats and conditions: international learnings for bioeconomy development”, Journal of Cleaner Production (revised version submitted Sept 2017).
  • Devaney, L. and Henchion, M. (submitted 2017) “Who is the bioeconomy ‘expert’? Defining and selecting expert participants in Delphi futures studies”, Futures (submitted June 2017)

Other Research Outputs:

  • Devaney, L., Henchion, M., Bonsall, B., O’Reilly, P. and McDonnell, K. (2017) “BioÉire Feasibility Analysis: Preliminary Assessment of Delphi Value Chains”, April 2017, Teagasc, Dublin. Available at: https://www.teagasc.ie/media/website/publications/2017/BioEire-Feasibility-Analyis-Report_Devaney-et-al-2017.pdf
  • Devaney, L. and Henchion, M. (2016) “BioÉire: a bioeconomy for Ireland - Delphi Study Results”, October 2016, Teagasc, Dublin. Available at: https://www.teagasc.ie/media/website/publications/2017/Combined-BioEire-Results-Report_DevaneyHenchion.pdf
  • Devaney (2016), Imagine the Future, Taste of Science, May 2016 [online] Available at: https://www.tasteofscience.com/articles/609/imagine-the-future.html
  • Devaney, L. and Henchion, M. (2015) “The Future is Bio”, TResearch, 10(4), p34-35 (shortlisted for Guild of Agricultural Journalism Award 2016) Available at: https://www.teagasc.ie/media/website/publications/2015/TResearch-Winter2015.pdf
  • Devaney, L. (2015) “Evaluating in-home experiments with social and technical innovations to encourage more sustainable eating practices”, Eating HomeLabs Report, Trinity College Dublin.
  • Devaney, L., Doyle, R. and Davies, A. (2014) “Change Labs: Sites of Experimentation for Sustainable Living”, CONSENSUS Briefing Note 1, Trinity College Dublin.
  • Devaney, L. (2013) “Food Risk Governance in Ireland - Executive Summary 1: Stakeholder Perspectives”, Trinity College Dublin.
  • Devaney, L. (2013) “Food Risk Governance in Ireland - Executive Summary 2: Citizen Viewpoints”, Trinity College Dublin.
  • Devaney, L. (2013) “Challenging Consumption: Pathways to a More Sustainable Future, CONSENSUS International Conference May 2012” [online] Available: http://www.consensus.ie/papers-reports/ (also featured in the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, Vol 4 Issue 3)