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Martin Danaher

Research Officer

Research Interests

Analytical chemistry: Chromatographic separations, sample purification, mass spectrometry, biosensors and immunoassays.

Residue analysis: Agrochemical, environmental, natural toxins and medicinal adulterants.

Databases: Coordinator of Ireland’s “National Food Residue” and “Veterinary Drug and Feed Additive” Databases.

Exposure and Risk Assessment: Exposure and risk assessment to contaminants from food.


Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry (University College Cork)

B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry (University of Limerick)

O’Mahony, J., Moloney, M., McConnell, R.I., Benchikh, E.O., Lowry, P., Furey, A., and Danaher. M., 2011. Simultaneous detection of four nitrofuran metabolites in honey using a multiplexing biochip screening assay. Biosensors and Bioelectronics (In Press).

VINOGRADOVA, T., DANAHER, M., BAXTER, A., MOLONEY, M., VICTORY, D. and HAUGHEY, S.A., 2011. Rapid surface plasmon resonance immunobiosensor assay for microcystin toxins in blue-green algae food supplements. Talanta, 84 (3), pp. 638-643.

KINSELLA, B., LEHOTAY, S.J., MASTOVSKA, K., LIGHTFIELD, A.R., FUREY, A. and DANAHER, M., 2009. New method for the analysis of flukicide and other anthelmintic residues in bovine milk and liver using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Analytica Chimica Acta, 637(1-2), pp. 196-207.

KINSELLA, B., O'MAHONY, J., MALONE, E., MOLONEY, M., CANTWELL, H., FUREY, A. and DANAHER, M., 2009. Current trends in sample preparation for growth promoter and veterinary drug residue analysis. Journal of Chromatography A, 1216(46), pp. 7977-8015.

KINSELLA, B., WHELAN, M., CANTWELL, H., MCCORMACK, M., FUREY, A., LEHOTAY, S.J. and DANAHER, M., 2010. A dual validation approach to detect anthelmintic residues in bovine liver over an extended concentration range. Talanta, 83(1), pp. 14-24.