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Pat Dillon

Director of Research

Research Interests

  • Dairy 
  • Grassland science
  • Pasture 
  • Grazing systems
  • Farm systems
  • Animal breeding
  • Genetics   
  • Economics
  • Sustainability 


Advance Professional Diploma* 2006 Leeds Metropolitan University
Ph.D. 1993 National University of Ireland
M.Sc (Dairying) 1989 University College Cork
B.Agr.Sc 1986 University College Dublin
Diploma in Dairy Husbandry 1977, Clonakilty Agriculture College
*Manager Development (Leadership)

  • Mee, J.F., Buckley, F, Ryan, D. and Dillon, P.G. (2009). Pre-breeding Ovaro-Uterine Ultrasonography and its Relationship with First Service Pregnancy Rate in Seasonal-Calving Dairy Herds. Reproduction Domestic Animals 44: 331-337.
  • Berry, D., O'Donovan, M., Shalloo, L. and Dillon, P.G. (2009). Potential to genetically alter intake and energy balance in grass fed dairy cows. European Association for Animal Production 126 : 219.
  • Lopez-Villalobos, N., Berry, D., Horan, B., Buckley, F, Kennedy, J., O'Donovan, M., Shalloo, L. and Dillon, P.G. (2008). Genetics of residual energy intake in Irish grazing dairy cows. Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production 08 68: 97-100.
  • Lovett, D.K., Shalloo, L., Dillon, P.G. and O'Mara, F. (2008). Greenhouse gas emissions from pastoral based dairying systems: The effect of uncertainty and management change under two contrasting production systems. Livestock Science 116 : 260 – 274.
  • Dillon, P.G., Hennessy, T., Shalloo, L. and Thorne, F. (2008). Future outlook for the Irish dairy industry: a study of international competitiveness, influence of international trade reform and requirement for change. International Journal of Dairy Technology, 61 (1) :16-29.