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Golnaz Ezzati

Marie-Curie Researcher

Research Interests

My research interest area falls into employing multidisciplinary research approaches to improve natural resource management strategies and agroecosystem productivity in a sustainable manner. My prime area of research lies in developing Eco-friendly wastewater treatment systems and state of the art predictive models that mitigate nutrient losses and minimize negative externalities of agricultural activities.

Current Projects

H2020 Marie Curie ITN INSPIRATION, WP4: Mitigation of soil and groundwater impacts from agriculture using mixed waste media;

PhD Research Title: Sustainable treatment technologies using mixed waste media to mitigate agricultural contaminants in land drainage


-MSc in Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation in Natural Resource Management (University of Twente)

-MSc in Environmental Engineering (University Putra Malaysia)

-BSc in Chemical Engineering (Azad University)

Ezzati, G., and Asghari, A. (2016, September). The potential of utilizing domestic scale biological filters to purify water and wastewater in rural areas of Iran. In: The 8th National Conference & Exhibition on Environmental Engineering. Tehran, Iran.

Ezzati, G. (2016, February). Employing high resolution imagery to effectively monitor Caspian Hyrcanian Forest; an umbrella review. In: The First Comprehensive International Congress on Environment. Tehran, Iran.

Ezzati, G., and Asghari, A. (2016, February). Ammonia removal efficiency of peat against biochar in biofiltration of domestic wastewater. In: The First Comprehensive International Congress on Environment. Tehran, Iran.

Ezzati, G. (2015, November 10). Green economy, a solution to overcome environmental limitations of planet Earth [in Persian]. Research Center of Environment and Sustainable Development of Iran. Online.