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Michael Egan

Research Officer - Grassland

Research Interests

Improving grassland management; increase herbage production while reducing nitrogen fertiliser, develop an in depth understanding of perennial ryegrass, legumes and herbs, growth structure to allow us develop management practices best suited to optimise performance. Provide a greater understanding of grassland science to the wider research community and stakeholders.

Specific research interests;

  • The role light interception and water-soluble carbohydrates play in white clover and perennial ryegrass growth and persistence.
  • Nitrogen fixation ability of legume in grassland swards
  • Grazing management practices of intensive grass based systems with practical focus on spring an autumn grazing management
  • The evaluation of white clover on commercial farms 

Current Projects

  • Increasing white clover proportion and persistence in perennial ryegrass swards; through improved establishment, fertiliser application strategy and grazing management practices in grazing swards
  • Incorporating white clover on commercial grassland farms in Ireland
  • Investigating the efficacy of perennial ryegrass-red clover silage for Irish animal production systems
  • Strategies to improve spring grassland management on Irish dairy farms
  • A multidisciplinary approach to increasing the nitrogen use efficiency of pasture-based systems
  • Incorporating new legumes into grazing swards and evaluating their animal, agronomic and environmental contribution.
  • The role of feed additives in dairy cow concentrates in reducing methane emissions
  • New trait addition to the Pasture Profit Index, development of a Clover Profit Index


2023: Certificate in Business Strategy, UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

2015: PhD. Strategies to increase white clover in intensive dairy production systems’, University College Dublin

2011: BAgrSci (Honours) Animal & Crop Production, University College Dublin

Professional Membership

IGA – council member and editor

Marca Skillnet – steering committee member

ASA - member

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  • Aisling Claffey – completed 2020
  • Caitlin Looney – completed 2021