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Dermot Forristal

Research Officer

Research Interests

Mechanisation aspects of Crop production systems including:

  • Cultivation systems
  • Soil compaction
  • Machine work rates and efficiency
  • Machinery Costs
  • Crop rotation and Input levels

Current Projects

  • RMIS 5615: Minimum Cultivation
  • RMIS 5616: Crop Production Systems
  • RMIS 5802: GHG and climate change (Project leader Gary Lanigan)
  • RMIS 6028: Applied Crop Research
  • RMIS 6211: Drainage and Compaction
  • Forristal P. D. and Grant J. (2011) The impact of break crop and cereal rotations on crop performance and profit margins. Aspects of Applied Biology, 113, 29-36
  • Forristal P. D., Burke B. and Grant J. (2012 in press) The effect of rotation and input level on winter wheat performance. Proceedings of the agricultural Research Forum 2012
  • Forristal P.D. (2011) Fertiliser spreading: Getting the mechanics rights. In: Proceedings of the fertiliser association of Ireland, 46 p15-30.
  • Forristal P.D. (2011) Machinery Controlling your largest cost. In: Proceedings of the national tillage conference 2011 Teagasc Carlow, 19-35
  • Van Groenigen K. J., Hastings A., Forristal D., Roth B., Jones M. and Smith P. (2011) Soil C storage as affected by tillage and straw management: An assessment using field measurements and model predictions. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, 140, 218-225
  • Van Groenigen K. J., Bloem J., Baath E., Boeckx P., Rousk J., Bode S., Forristal D. and Jones M. B. (2010) Abundance, production and stabilization of microbial biomass under conventional and reduced tillage. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 42, 48-55.
  • Finneran E., Crosson P., O'kiely P., Shalloo L., Forristal D. and Wallace M. (2012) Stochastic simulation of the cost of home-produced feeds for ruminant livestock systems. Journal of Agricultural Science, 150, 123-139.
  • Keles G., O'Kiely P., Lenehan J. J., and Forristal P. D. (2009) Conservation characteristics of baled grass silages differing in duration of wilting, bale density and number of layers of plastic stretch-film. Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research, 48, 21-34.
  • Laffin C., Forristal P. D. and O'Kiely P. (2009) Evolution of co(2) permeation properties of ldpe/lldpe films upon uni-axial stretching. Packaging Technology and Science, 22, 9-29.
  • McEniry J., Forristal P. D. and O'kiely P. (2011) Gas composition of baled grass silage as influenced by the amount, stretch, colour and type of plastic stretch-film used to wrap the bales, and by the frequency of bale handling. Grass and Forage Science, 66, 277-289.

James Brennan: (Cultivation systems)