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Leo Finn

Research Technician - Horticulture

Additional Details

I provide technical support to manage practical aspects of implementing the research program in the Horticulture Development Dept,

In a team with: 
Researchers, Specialised Advisors, Technicians, Farm Staff, in field and glasshouses trial work at Ashtown, Kinsealy, and other sites.

Other responsibilities 
I also oversee the Glasshouse Facility at Ashtown, managing irrigation and crop nutrition, managing computer controlled environment and pest and disease monitoring and control across a range of crops/Departments including IPM management practices.

I manage inputs for crop production relating to research and Knowledge Transfer projects, working with Tomato and Strawberry crops under protection, field vegetable work for entomology trials and protected and outdoor ornamental crop work including herbicide trials on Nursery stock and Field Vegetable production to support the Sustainable Use Directive with IPM techniques.

I am Graduate in Charge at Ashtown for Flex Safety Management System for HDD on-site farm activities.