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Reamonn Fealy

Research Officer

Research Interests

Réamonn's work entails both research and technical development and implementation of spatial analysis. He has responsibility for the strategic management of the infrastructural aspects of GIS work carried out by the Spatial Analysis Unit and for guiding the broader development and application of GIS across Teagasc.

Réamonn has a diverse research project portfolio ranging from the development of spatial analytical methods to assist the Department of Agriculture Food and Marine in policy review and assessment at European level through to conducting various applied research projects at a national and regional level.

He is particularly interested in the often complex interface between agriculture and the environment and the role of spatial analysis in the development of policy, assessment of risk and the legislative aspects that arise in this domain.

Current Projects

  • TerrainAI Terrain Artificial Intelligence (Microsoft/SFI)
  • InformBio Integrated Framework for Mapping, Modelling and Monitoring Ireland’s Bioeconomy (DAFM)
  • FLEET Farm Level Economic, Environmental and Transport modelling of alternative feedstock solutions for regional anaerobic digestion plants in Ireland (SEAI)
  • SoMoSAT SOil Moisture estimates from Satellite based Earth observations (EPA)
  • SoiLU Spatial Optimisation for Indicative Land Uses; a soil-climate based assessment
  • AgDATA An integrative data science approach to provide opportunities for gains in productivity and resource use efficiency in Irish agriculture
  • NSDA National Spatial Data Archive
  • Irish Soil Information System
  • Spatial Assessment of Agriculture
  • CliMAP: Climate Change, Irish agriculture and LULUCF
  • Willow selection for resistance to herbivore damage using predictive climate change and Geographic Information System modelling.
  • Future Weather - Impacts of future weather volatility on Irish Agriculture: Improved modelling and an assessment of options.
  • GHG Ireland Network An Agricultural and Land-Use Network for Ireland
  • WG GHG
  • WG WFD
  • ICT-AGRI (ERA-NET) Coordination of European Research within ICT and Robotics in Agriculture and related Environmental Issues
  • CForRep - Additions and refinements to the Irish forest carbon accounting and reporting tool
  • Precision Targeting - a precision agriculture approach to crop monitoring and management via the BETTER farm programme on tillage farms.
  • DrainMAP - A spatial model of drainage status of Irish Farms
  • CIVYL - Cereal Improvement through Variety choice and understanding Yield Limitations

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Lynch, J. P., Fealy, R., Doyle, D., Black, L. & Spink, J. (2017) Assessment of water-limited winter wheat yield potential at spatially contrasting sites in Ireland using a simple growth and development model. Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research, 56, 65-76.

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List of completed and current PhD students

Primary Supervisor  

Completed and awarded PhD

Catriona Duffy (NUI, Maynooth).2009-2014

Modelling the effects of climate change on the incidence of pests and diseases: a spatial analysis of the potential impacts on Irish agricultural productivity

Steffano Cavazzi (Cranfield University, UK). 2010-2013

Spatial scale analysis of landscape processes for digital soil mapping in Ireland

Eoin Grealis  (NUI, Maynooth) 2009-2014

A dynamic spatial microsimulation model for Irish agricultural emissions

Padraig Flattery  (NUI, Maynooth). 2014- 2018

Investigating the impacts of climate, climate change and weather volatility on Irish agricultural emissions of soil carbon and nitrogen

Current PhD supervision

Kazeem Ishola (Maynooth University, 2017-)

Using a surface energy balance approach to characterise agro-environmental zones in Ireland in support of on-farm decision making

Open PhD positions

Currently advertised: (NUI, Maynooth, 2021-2025)

Spatial Optimisation for Indicative Land Uses: a soil-climate based assessment