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Eimear Gallagher

Research Officer

Research Interests

  • Wheat and flour chemistry
  • Gluten-free science / technology
  • 'Healthy' breads (low GI, enhanced nutrition etc)
  • 'Healthy' snacks (for the elderly, containing nutritious food by-products)


BSc. (Food Sci. and Tech., University College Cork)
MSc (Food Sci. and Tech., University College Cork)
PhD (Food Sci. and Tech., University College Cork)

O’Shea, N., Kilcawley, K. and Gallagher, E. (2016). Influence of α-amylase and xylanase on the chemical, physical and volatile compound properties of wheat bread supplemented with wholegrain barley flour. European Food Research and Technology DOI:0.1007/s00217–016–2651-y.

Ktenioudaki, A., Alvarez, L., Kilcawley, K., Gallagher, E. (2015). Application of bioprocessing techniques (sourdough fermentation and technological aids) for brewer’s spent grain breads. Invited paper for the special issue of Food Research International, doi:10.1016/j.foodres.2015.03.008.

O’Shea, N., Ktenioudaki, A., Smyth, T.P., McLoughlin, P., Doran, L., Auty, M., Arendt, E.K. and Gallagher, E. (2015). Physicochemical assessment of two fruit by-products as functional ingredients: Apple and orange pomace. Journal of Food Engineering, 153: 9–95.

Ktenioudaki, A., Alvarez-Jubete, L. and Gallagher, E. (2015). A review of the process-induced changes in the phytochemical content of cereal grains: The breadmaking process. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. 55(5):611–9.

Ktenioudaki, A., Crofton, E., Scannell, A.G.M., Hannon, J.A., Kilcawley, K.N. and Gallagher, E. (2013). Sensory properties and aromatic composition
of baked snacks containing brewer’s spent grain. Journal of Cereal Science, 57 (3): 384–390.