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Farhad Garavand

Research Officer

Research Interests

  • Separation, Characterization and Stabilisation of Milk Bioactives
  • Membrane Filtration of Dairy Products
  • Protein Characterization
  • Biodegradable Packaging Films
  • Dairy Technology
  • Food Microstructure


Current Projects



PhD in Food Science


  • Mirzaei-Mohkam, A., Garavand, F., Dehnad, D., Keramat, J., & Nasirpour, A. (2020). Physical, mechanical, thermal and structural characteristics of nanoencapsulated vitamin E loaded carboxymethyl cellulose films. Progress in Organic Coatings, 138, 105383.
  • Vahedikia, N., Garavand, F., Tajeddin, B., Cacciotti, I., Jafari, SM., Omidi, T., & Zahedi, Z.(2019). Biodegradable zein film composites reinforced with chitosan nanoparticles and cinnamon essential oil: physical, mechanical, structural and antimicrobial attributes. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 177, 25-32.
  • Garavand, F., Rahaee, S., Vahedikia, N., & Jafari, S. M. (2019). Different techniques for extraction and micro/nanoencapsulation of saffron bioactive ingredients. Trends in Food Science & Technology.
  • Mirzaei-Mohkam, A., Garavand, F., Dehnad, D., Keramat, J., & Nasirpour, A. (2019). Optimisation, antioxidant attributes, stability and release behaviour of carboxymethyl cellulose films incorporated with nanoencapsulated vitamin E. Progress in Organic Coatings, 134, 333-341. IF=3.420.
  • Garavand, F., Razavi, S. H., & Cacciotti, I. (2018). Synchronized extraction and purification of L-lactic acid from fermentation broth by emulsion liquid membrane technique. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 39 (9), 1291-1299.
  • Moghaddam, A. D., Garavand, F., Razavi, S. H., & Talatappe, H. D. (2018). Production of saffron-based probiotic beverage by lactic acid bacteria. Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization, 12(4), 2708-2717.
  • Garavand, F., Madadlou, A., & Moini, S. (2017). Determination of phenolic profile and antioxidant activity of pistachio hull using HPLC-DAD-ESI-MS as affected by ultrasound and microwave. International Journal of Food Properties, 20 (1), 19-29.
  • Garavand, F., Rouhi, M., Razavi, S. H., Cacciotti, I., & Mohammadi, R. (2017). Improving the integrity of natural biopolymer films used in food packaging by crosslinking approach: A review. International journal of biological macromolecules, 104, 687-707.
  • Sarlak, Z., Rouhi, M., Mohammadi, R., Khaksar, R., Mortazavian, A. M., Sohrabvandi, S., & Garavand, F. (2017). Probiotic biological strategies to decontaminate aflatoxin M1 in a traditional Iranian fermented milk drink (Doogh). Food Control, 71, 152-159.
  • Vatankhah, M., Garavand, F., Mohammadi, B., & Elhamirad, A. (2017). Quality attributes of reduced-sugar Iranian traditional sweet bread containing stevioside. Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization, 11(3), 1233-1239.
  • Mirzaei, S., Askari, G., Emam-Djomeh, Z., & Garavand, F. (2016). Changes in bioactive compounds, quality attributes and rheological behaviour of black grape juice caused by microwave and conventional heating. Nutrafoods, 15(4), 285-292.
  • Nikmaram, N., Garavand, F., Elhamirad, A., Beiraghi-Toosi, S., & Goli-Movahhed, G. (2015). Production of high quality expanded corn extrudates containing sesame seed using response surface methodology. Quality Assurance & Safety of Crops & Foods, 7(5), 713-720.
  • Vatankhah, M., Garavand, F., Elhamirad, A., & Yaghbani, M. (2014). Influence of sugar replacement by stevioside on physicochemical and sensory properties of biscuit. Quality Assurance & Safety of Crops & Foods, 7(3), 393-400.
  • Garavand, F., & Madadlou, A. (2014). Recovery of phenolic compounds from effluents by a microemulsion liquid membrane (MLM) extractor. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 443, 303-310.