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Linda Giblin

Research Officer

Research Interests

Linda Giblin is a Senior Research Officer and Molecular/Cellular Biologist investigating Food Bioavailability & Bioactivity. She is interested in food derived bioactive peptides, their digestion and bioavailability. She has developed a number of cellular assays to assess bioactivity of food peptides and has recently focused her attention on Intestinal Barrier Function for different life stages.

  • Intestinal Barrier Health (Infant & Adult)
  • Protein quality (Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score, Bioavailability)
  • Life Stage Nutrition: Foods for pregnant women, foods for elderly, foods for the infant
  • Foods for satiety, adipocyte and muscle health

Current Projects

  • VistaMilk-16RC335, Science Foundation Ireland & Irish Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine, Funded Investigator,
  • Infotech-2019R495, Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine, collaborator
  • TOMI-15F604, Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine, Co-ordinator & PI
  • MilkEVs-17F234, Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine, collaborator
  • BioProtein-MDBY0360, Teagasc, Co-ordinator & PI
  • INFBAR-1370, Teagasc, Co-ordinator & PI
  • FoodBIBS-EI-MF2018-0151, EU Horizon2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie, Co-ordinator & PI
  • UPROTEIN-2019PROG702, Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine, Task leader
  • Cyclone-MDBY1225, Private Sector, Coordinator
  • APC-HDH-Health MDBY1010, Private Sector, Collaborator
  • EAT4AGE-2020HDHL101, EU Horizon2020 Joint Programme Initiative & Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine
  • GlycoMatch Maker-898013, EU Horizon2020-MSCA-IF-2019 - Marie Sklodowska Curie, collaborator
  • OptimA-RISAM, Munster Technology University


Ph.D. University College Cork, Ireland

B.Sc. Biotechology, Dublin City University, Ireland

Professional Membership

Associate Editor of Journal of Functional Food

Editorial Board Member of Journal of Dairy Science

Editorial Board Member of Trends in Food Science & Technology

INFOGEST (Core group member & working group 3 leader)

INFOGEST-UNGAP partnership (working group 4 leader)

NutRedOx (Core group member & working group 4 co-leader)

American Dairy Science Foundation

Nutrition Society

orcid.org/0000-0002-9354-3121, ResearchID P-2436-2016

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Linda has supervised 9 PhD and 11 MSc postgraduates to completion, and mentored 10 post-doctoral scientists. Her lab currently consists of 10 PhD students.