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Liz Glynn

Research Officer

Research Interests

My research involves the control of disease in cereal crops. This involves planning and coordinating an extensive programme of field evaluations of crop protection products, primarily fungicides, on a range of cereal crops and some broad leaved crops. Although Irish climatic conditions are conducive to high crop yields, this also leads to increased disease pressure. Achieving good disease control is therefore essential for efficient crop production. The development of new fungicides and assessment of their efficacy plays a key role in the sustainability of the tillage sector in Ireland.

Current Projects


  • 5999 - Agronomic approaches to reducing disease pressure and targeting disease control strategies in cereals.
  • 6055 - Evaluation of new products for disease control in cereals



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  • Glynn, L. and Grace, J. (2013). Fungicide performance 2012 and recommendations for 2013. In: National Tillage Conference 2013.
  • Kildea, S. and Glynn, L. (2014). Cereal disease control. In: National Tillage conference 2014.
  • Kildea, S. and Glynn, L. (2015). Cereal disease control for 2015. In: National Tillage Conference 2015.
  • Glynn, L. and Kildea, S. (2015). Disease control, in The Spring Barley Guide, p29-30. CELUP, Teagasc.