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Shannon Gwala

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests

  • Food digestion
  • Protein
  • In vitro models
  • Alternative proteins
  • Ingredient functionality

Current Projects

In this Marie Curie Individual Fellowship project, I am exploring the extraction of proteins from various mushroom varieties. The extraction process also produces fibre-rich side-streams, which can be further valorised. My objective is to understand and enhance the functionality of these protein and fibre ingredients through tribological and rheological analyses. Additionally, I employ static and semi-dynamic digestion methods to assess the digestibility of these products.


PhD (2020) Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, KU Leuven, Belgium
MSc Food Technology (2015) Ghent University, Belgium
BTech Food Processing and Technology (2008)  Harare Institute of Technology, Zimbabwe

Menard et al, 2023, Static in vitro digestion model adapted to the general older adult population: an INFOGEST international consensusFood and Function

Palchen K, et al, 2021, In vitro protein and starch digestion kinetics of individual chickpea cells: From static to more complex in vitro digestion approachesFood and function 

Duijsens, D., Gwala, S., Pallares, A.P., Pälchen, K., Hendrickx, M.,| Grauwet, T. How postharvest variables in the pulse value chain affect nutrient digestibility and bioaccessibilityComprehensive reviews  in food science and safety,

Gwala, S., Kyomugasho, C., Wainaina, I., Rousseau, S., Hendrickx, M., Grauwet, T. (2020) Ageing, dehulling and cooking of Bambara groundnuts: Consequences for mineral retention and: In vitro bioaccessibilityFood and Function 

Gwala, S., Pallares Pallares, A., Pälchen, K.,Hendrickx, M., Grauwet, T. (2020) In vitro starch and protein digestion kinetics of cooked Bambara groundnuts depend on processing intensity and hardness sortingFood Research International 

Gwala, S., Wainana, I., Pallares Pallares, A., Kyomugasho, C., Hendrickx, M., Grauwet, T. (2019) Texture and interlinked post-process microstructures determine the in vitro starch digestibility of Bambara groundnuts with distinct hard-to-cook levelsFood Research International