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Fiona Hutton

Plant Pathology Laboratories Manager

Research Interests

  • Plant Pathology
  • Virology
  • Plant pathogen monitoring in cereals and potatoes
  • Fungicide sensitivity
  • Disease resistance and screening
  • Early generation seed potato production
  • Plant Micropropagation

Current Projects

  • Monitoring pathogen evolution for sustainable cropping (MonPESC) – DAFM RSF
  • Controlling septoria tritici blotch through crop management (CoSTM) – DAFM RSF
  • Establishing a platform of IPM in Irish crops (EPIC) – DAFM RSF
  • EUROWHEAT: Fungicide Resistance Network (EURO-RES) C-IPM ERA-NET
  • Disease control in field crops – Teagasc funding
  • Arable Pathogen Populations – Teagasc funding
  • Development of biosensors for detection of viral and fungal crop pathogens (SCOPE; DAFM – RSF funded)


  • MSc. University College Dublin 2014

Professional Membership

  •  Society of Irish Plant Pathologists
  • S. Kildea, J.J Byrne, M. Cucak, F. Hutton (2020). First report of virulence to the septoria tritici blotch resistance gene Stb16q in the Irish Zymoseptoria tritici population. New Disease Reports 41:13, DOI: 10.5197/j.2044-0588.2020.041.013
  • Kildea, Steven; Bucar, D.E.; Hutton, F.; Rosa, S. de la; Welch, T.E.; Phelan, S. (2019). Prevalence of QoI resistance and mtDNA diversity in the Irish Zymoseptoria tritici population. Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Ressearch 58(1):27-33, DOI: 10.2478/ijafr-2019-0004
  • Hutton F., Spink J., Griffin D., Kildea S., Doherty G., Bonner D. and Hunter A. (2015). Distribution and incidence of viruses in Irish seed potato crops. Irish Journal of Agriculture and Food Research Vol. 54.
  • Hutton F, Kildea S, Griffin D, Spink J, Doherty G, Hunter A, (2013). First report of potato tuber necrotic ringspot disease associated with PVY recombinant strains in Ireland. New Disease Reports 28, 12.[http://dx.doi.org/10.5197/j.2044-0588.2013.028.012
  • Kildea, S., Cooke, L. R., Quinn, L., Little, G., Armstrong, C. M., Hutton, F., Griffin, D (2011). The changing potato blight population in Ireland. Potato Research, 54(1):82-83
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  • S Kildea, L J Dowley, F Hutton and D Griffin (2010). Changes in the Irish Phytophthora infestans population affect potato late blight resistances. Advances in Animal Biosciences, 1, pp 7-7. doi:10.1017/S2040470010001500
  • Kildea S, Cooke LR, Quinn L, Little G, Armstrong C, Hutton F, Dowley LJ and Griffin D (2010). Changes with the Irish potato late blight population. Proceedings of the Twelfth Euroblight Workshop, Arras, France 2010. Special Report No. 14. p147-150