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Maeve Henchion

Head of Spatial Analysis, Food and Agri Innovation Department

Research Interests

Maeve is Principal Research Officer, Head of the Teagasc Department of Agrifood Business and Spatial Analysis, and Adjunct Professor at the School of Agriculture and Food Science, University College Dublin

Maeve’s research interests span the supply chain and involve bringing a social/behavioural science dimension to multi- and inter-disciplinary research projects. This means she is involved in identifying new technology, market and value chain opportunities for the Irish industry and understanding consumer, citizen, industry and farmer attitudes and behaviours that could influence the realisation of such opportunities.  She is currently particularly interested in innovation in the circular bioeconomy, sustainable food production and consumption, and food quality and integrity.

Current Projects

Current and recent projects:

Project Title Year of Award  Partners
AgroBRIDGES 2021 Q-Plan International, Wageningen University, VTT, ECOFEL, Unimos Alliance, Impact Hub Madrid, Vegepoly Valley, CREA, REsos Brands, Sabri Ulker Foundation, CTA, Sustainable Innovations Europe, Unimos Foundation
BovINE 2020 IFA, CRPA, Unicarve, Idele, FNB, Unizar, INTIA, SGGW, PBA, FMV, Promert, ILVO, Boerenbond, FLI, BRS, Minerva Comms, Liivimaa
biOrbic Bioeconomy Research Centre 2017 UCD, TCD, NUIG, UL plus industry
A comparison of Vulnerability Resolution Initiatives in agrifood production and manufacturing chain on the Island of Ireland and in selected OECD countries 2017 UCC
SCAR CASA CSA (Common Agricultural and Wider Bioeconomy Research Agenda) 2016 Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek (NL), Aarhus Universitet (DK), Forschungszentrum Julich Gmbh (DE), Ministere de l’Agriculuture de l’Agroalimentaire et de al Foret (Fr), Ministero Della Salute (IT), Eigen Vermogen Van Het Instituut Voor Landbrouw en Visserijonderzoek (BE), Minostero Delle Politiche Agricole Alimenatir e Forestali (IT), Instituto Nacional de Investigacao Agraria E Veterinaria (PT)
Meat Technology Ireland 2016 Major Irish meat companies (ABP, Dawn, Kepak etc), ICBF, UCC, DIT, ICBF
BioOPPs: Opportunities for functional and bioactive protein ingredients derived from co-products of the Irish red meat industry. 2016 Teagasc
Investigation into the potential food safety, economic and environmental impacts of climate change on the dairy production chain on the Island of Ireland 2016 Queens University Belfast
A Bio Economy for Ireland- An Evaluation of Development Opportunities, Policies and Initiatives Shaping Ireland’s Transformation to a Sustainable Low Carbon Bioeconomy (Bio-Éire) 2014 Technology Centre for Biorefining and BioEnergy (TCBB), University College Dublin (UCD), Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT),
Towards developing a systematic process to identify non-patented IP for the food industry. 2015 UCD (Insight Centre)
Sustainability and Consumers’ Use of Mobile Technologies in Food Related Search and Engagement 2014 UCC
Economics of Information Systems and Sharing in Beef Value Chains – Advancing Efficiency, Competitiveness, and Innovation 2014 University of Alberta
Communicate & Bridge Bioeconomy Research towards Business (CommBeBiz) 2015 Minnerva (UK), EBN, Pracsis 
Investigation into the potential food safety, economic and environmental impacts of climate change on the dairy production chain on the Island of Ireland 2015 Queens University Belfast (QUB)
Nutritional composition, human health implications and marketing opportunities for beef  from a grass-based production system (Grassbeef) 2014 UCD (Prof. Helen Roche, Prof. Frank Monahan)

Exploration of Irish meat processing streams for recovery of high value protein based ingredients for food and non-food uses (ReValueProtein)

Proteins of the future - TResearch Autumn 2017

2013 UCD, UCC, NUIG, ITT (Shannon ABC)
Genetic selection for improved milk and meat product quality in dairy, beef and sheep (BreedQuality) 2012 UCD, UCC, Irish Cattle Breeding Federation,


B.Agr.Sc. (1991) 2.1, UCD.
M.Agr.Sc. (1993) 1H, UCD
PhD (1996) UCD
Certificate in Leadership Development (level 9) (2014) IMI/UCC

  • Henchion, M., Moloney, A.P., Hyland, J., Zimmermann, J. and McCarthy, S.  (2021, in press) Trends for meat, milk & egg consumption and the role played by livestock systems in the global production of proteins, Animal
  • Henchion, M., McCarthy, S.N., McCarthy, M. (2021). A time of transition: Changes in Irish food behaviour and potential implications due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research, DOI: 10.15212/ijafr-2020-00019
  • Kelleher, L., Henchion, M. and Eoin O'Neill, E. (2021), Framing the Circular Bioeconomy in Ireland’s Broadsheet Media, 2004 – 2019, Environmental Communication, DOI: 10.1080/17524032.2021.1889632
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  • Henchion, M., McCarthy, M., Dillon, E.J., Greehy, G and McCarthy, S.N. (2019) Big issues for a small technology: Consumer trade-offs in acceptance of nanotechnology in food, Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ifset.2019.102210
  • Regan, A. and Henchion, M. (2019). Making sense of altmetrics: The perceived threats and opportunities for academic identity, Science and Public Policy, DOI:  https://doi.org/10.1093/scipol/scz001
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  • Regan, A., Henchion, M. and McIntyre, B. (2018), Ethical, moral and social dimensions in farm production practices: A segmentation study to assess Irish consumers' perceptions of meat quality, Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research 57: 9-14 DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/ijafr-2018-0002
  • Devaney, L., and Henchion, M. (2018) Consensus, caveats and conditions: international learnings for bioeconomy development, Journal of Cleaner Production, 174, 1400-1411, Available online 10 November 2017, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2017.11.047
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  • Henchion, M., McCarthy, M., Resconi, V (2017), Beef quality attributes: a systematic review of consumer perspectives Meat Science 128, 1-7.  DOI: 10.1016/j.meatsci.2017.01.006
  • Henchion, M.,  Hayes, M. Mullen, AM., Fenelon, M. and Tiwari, B. (2017). Future Protein Supply and Demand: Strategies and Factors Influencing a Sustainable Equilibrium, Foods. 6(7), 53; doi:10.3390/foods6070053
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Year  Name Degree Thesis/project title
Current (due to submit in 2023) Nima Nejadrezaei PhD Consumer acceptance of biobased products
Current (due to submit in 2024) Mina Sadeghzadeh PhD Societal Understanding of the Bioeconomy
Current (due to submit in 2022) Abdessemi Boulbadai MSc (research) Food chain integrity
2021 Jinghui Lu PhD Supervised and Unsupervised Text Minig for Grey Literature Screening
2020 Georgia Lavranou MSc (research) Understanding consumer attitudes and behaviour in relation to the development and consumption of meat by-products - a quantitative apprach
2018 Jolien Witte MSc (research) Economics of information systems and sharing in beef value chains – Advancing efficiency, competitiveness and innovation
2017 Christine Shan PhD Consumers' views on "healthier" processed meats
2017 Jim O’Callaghan MSc (research) Understanding consumer attitudes and behaviour in relation to the development and consumption of meat by-products
2015 G. Greehy PhD Citizens’ evaluations of novel food technologies:  a qualitative citizen scientist deliberative discourse approach
2012 C. Murphy MSc (research) A qualitative assessment of Irish stakeholder perspectives on the use of animal cloning in the agri-food system
2011 G. Kavanagh MSc (research) A survey of Irish food industry perspectives on technological innovation
2007 C. Keelan PhD An econometric analysis of Irish households food away from home (FAFH) expenditure patterns 1994-2000. 
2007 V. Henry MSc (research) An assessment of the economic impact of salmonellosis on the island of Ireland
2004 O. Canavan MSc (research) Internet marketing: an assessment of Irish speciality food enterprises’ use of the internet as a marketing tool
2003 S. O’Connell MSc (research) Customer service and supplier requirements in the Irish foodservice sector: opportunities for small food manufacturers
2001 C. Newman PhD An econometric analysis of Irish households' food expenditure patterns: Tobit, double-hurdle and infrequency of purchase approaches