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Rebecca Hall

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests

I am a postdoc working on the Terra soil project in collaboration with Geological Survey Ireland. My research has mainly focused on biogeochemical cycling of phosphorus in soil and grasslands and its impact on water quality. My work has looked at soil phosphorus testing and nutrient dynamics in small scale experiments looking at fertiliser-soil-root interactions, to large scale catchment modelling of soil structural degradation and erosion. I am interested in holistic phosphorus management approaches which look to reduce application of non-renewable phosphate rock and incorporate effective soil nutrient testing.

Current Projects

I am currently working under the supervision of Karen Daly on the Terra soil project. This project is using the archive of Tellus soil samples for chemical and spectral analysis to produce additional parameters on available P. This data will be used to derive agronomic indicators that can be mapped to show the spatial extent of indicators of soil fertility and management on a regional basis and disseminated to the wider agricultural sector to provide decision support for farmers and advisors.


  • 2020      Ph.D. Biological Sciences, Queen’s University Belfast
  • 2015       M.Sc. Soil Science, University of Aberdeen
  • 2011        B.Sc. Environmental Health, Northumbria University

Dr. Hall has published  peer reviewed scientific papers:

Rebecca L. Hall, Line Boisen Staal, Katrina A. Macintosh, John W. McGrath, John Bailey,Ulla Gro Nielsen, Kasper Reitzel, and Paul N. Williams (2020). Phosphorus speciation and fertiliser performance characteristics: a comparison of waste recovered struvites from global sources. Geoderma. 362. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.geoderma.2019.114096.

Hallett, P., Hall, R.L., Lilly, A., Baggaley, B., Crooks, B., Ball, B., Raffan, A., Braun, H., Russell, T., Aitkenhead, M., Riach, D., Rowan, J., Long, A. (2016). Effect of soil structure and field drainage on water quality and flood risk. CRW2014_03.

Ali SS, Ahmad MR, Shoaib JUM, Sheik MA, Hoshain MI, Hall RL, Macintosh KA, Williams PN. Pandemic or environmental socio-economic stressors which have greater impact on food security in the barishal division of bangladesh: Initial perspectives from agricultural officers and farmers. Sustainability (Switzerland) 2021;13(10); doi http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/su13105457.