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Aideen Kennedy

Research Officer - Dairy Cow Mastitis

Research Interests

Animal health.
Production diseases.

Mastitis in dairy cows.
Johne’s disease

Current Projects

6325: A diagnostic and control programme for Johne’s disease on Irish dairy farms.

6621: Strategies to prevent and treat mastitis on Irish dairy farms


MVB: Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (UCD 2009)

Professional Membership


  • Kennedy AE, Byrne N, Garcia A, O’Mahony J, Sayers R: Analysis of Johne’s disease ELISA status and associated performance parameters in Irish dairy cows. BMC veterinary research 2016, 12(1):1.
  • Kennedy AE, Da Silva AT, Byrne N, Mac Sharry J, Govender R, O'Mahony J, Sayers RG: The single intradermal cervical comparative test interferes with Johne’s disease ELISA diagnostics. Frontiers in Immunology 2014, 5.
  • Kennedy AE, O’Doherty EF, Byrne N, O’Mahony J, Kennedy E, Sayers RG: A survey of management practices on Irish dairy farms with emphasis on risk factors for Johne’s disease transmission. Irish Veterinary Journal 2014, 67(1):1-11.
  • Kennedy, A. E., N. Byrne, J. O'Mahony, and R. G. Sayers. 2017. Investigations and implications of associations between mycobacterial purified protein derivative hypersensitivity and MAP-antibody ELISA in Irish dairy cows. Research in Veterinary Science 115:13-16.
  • Sayers RG, Kennedy A, Krump L, Sayers GP, Kennedy E: An observational study using blood gas analysis to assess neonatal calf diarrhea and subsequent recovery with a European Commission-compliant oral electrolyte solution. Journal of Dairy Science 2016