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Anne Kinsella

Research Officer

Research Interests

Anne is a Senior Research Officer who specialises in the area of production economics and farm level agricultural economics research.
OECD Network for farm level analysis – Irish representative.
Collaborates with the international consortium of researchers in the International Beef and Sheep Agri- benchmark Network (formerly IFCN - International Farm Comparisons Network) and Global Forum conferences

Involved in the design and analysis of additional surveys, especially in area of health and safety on Irish farms, succession and Inheritance and risk.

Member of steering committee for Burren-LIFE project (and the Ag-Biota project), which was instrumental in informing agri-environmental policy .

Prior to working in Teagasc, played a pivotal role in setting up and managing a new fund management department for an International Capital Management company

Current Projects

National Farm Survey, FADN, Riskometer, Succession/Inheritance, Farm Investment


B.A(Econ.), M Sc., ACCA

Professional Membership


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Campus Student Mentor