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Emer Kennedy

Research Officer

Research Interests

  • Grazing management
  • Early lactation management of dairy cows
  • Calf rearing
  • Replacement heifer management
  • Novel methodologies to rapidly predict dry matter intake

Current Projects

  • Rearing dairy calves in the post quota era
  • Increasing  the resilience of Irish dairying through improved dairy cow nutrition in early lactation
  • Development, calibration and validation of feed intake methodology to rapidly screen dairy, beef and sheep for feed intake and efficiency


PhD in Animal Science, University College Dublin (2006)
Bachelor of Agricultural Science, University College Dublin (2003)


July 2016 – present         Senior Research Officer (Teagasc)
Nov.2013 – June 2016     Research Officer (Teagasc)
July  - December 2012    Sabbatical – Dept. Primary Industries, Ellinbank, Australia
July 2008 – Nov.2013      Research Technologist (Teagasc)
Nov. 2006 – July 2008     Post Doctoral Researcher (Teagasc)
Oct 2003 – Oct 2006         Ph.D. in Agricultural Science, NUI, Dublin


Professional Membership


Cummins C., I. Lorenz, and E. Kennedy (2017) The effect of storage conditions over time on bovine colostral immunoglobulin G concentration, bacteria, and pH. Journal of Dairy Science 100:525-535

Lawrence, D. C., M. O'Donovan, T. M. Boland, and E. Kennedy (2017)  Effects of autumn and spring defoliation management on the dry‐matter yield and herbage quality of perennial ryegrass swards throughout the year. Grass and Forage Science. 72:38-49.

Wright, M. M., M. J. Auldist, E. Kennedy, N. Galvin, F. R. Dunshea, and W. J. Wales (2017) Dry matter intake and feeding behaviour of grazing dairy cows offered a mixed ration with or without canola meal. Animal Production Science. 57:1277-1282.

J. Heard, M. Hannah, C. Ho, E. Kennedy, P. Doyle, J. Jacobs and B. Wales (2017) Predicting milk responses to cereal based supplements in grazing dairy cows. Animal Production Science 57:746-759

Cummins C., D. P. Berry, R. Sayers , I. Lorenz and E. Kennedy (2016) Questionnaire identifying management practices surrounding calving on spring-calving dairy farms and their associations with herd size and herd expansion. Animal 10: 868-877

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Sayers R.G., A.E. Kennedy, L. Krump, G.P. Sayers and E. Kennedy (2016) An observational study using blood gas analysis to assess neonatal calf diarrhea and subsequent recovery with a European Commission-compliant oral electrolyte solution. Journal of Dairy Science 99:4647-4655

Cummins, C., I. Lorenz, and E. Kennedy (2016) Short communication: The effect of storage conditions over time on bovine colostral immunoglobulin G concentration, bacteria, and pH. Journal of Dairy Science. 99:4857-486

Creighton P., E. Kennedy, D. Hennessy and M. O’Donovan (2016) Impacts of Sward Renewal Method with Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium perenne) on Dry Matter Yield, Tiller Density and Nitrate Leaching. American Journal of Plant Sciences 7: 684-694

Kennedy, E., E. Lewis, J. P. Murphy, N. Galvin, and M. O’Donovan. (2015). Production parameters of autumn-calving cows offered either a total mixed ration or grazed grass plus concentrate during early lactation. Journal of Dairy Science. 98:7917-7929.

Crosse, M., M. O’Donovan, T. M. Boland, L. Delaby, E. Ganche, and E. Kennedy. (2015). Using post-grazing sward height to impose dietary restrictions of varying duration in early lactation: its effects on spring-calving dairy cow production. Animal. 9:592-603.

Ganche, E., M. O'Donovan, L. Delaby, T. M. Boland, and E. Kennedy. (2015). Does post-grazing sward height influence sward characteristics, seasonal herbage dry-matter production and herbage quality? Grass and Forage Science. 70:130-143

Hogan, I., Doherty, M., Fagan, J., Kennedy, E., Conneely, M., Brady, P., Ryan, C. and Lorenz, I. (2015). Comparison of rapid laboratory tests for failure of passive transfer in the bovine. Irish Veterinary Journal 68:18 

Lawrence, D. C., M. O’Donovan, T. M. Boland, E. Lewis, and E. Kennedy. (2015). The effect of concentrate feeding amount and feeding strategy on milk production, dry matter intake, and energy partitioning of autumn-calving Holstein-Friesian cows. Journal of Dairy Science. 98:338-348

O’Driscoll, K., E. Lewis, and E. Kennedy. (2015). Effect of feed allowance at pasture on lying behaviour and locomotory ability of dairy cows. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 166:25-34

McParland, S., E. Kennedy, E. Lewis, S. G. Moore, B. McCarthy, M. O’Donovan, and D. P. Berry. (2015). Genetic parameters of dairy cow energy intake and body energy status predicted using mid-infrared spectrometry of milk. Journal of Dairy Science. 98:1310-1320.

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