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Maria Kyraleou

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Research Interests

My research focuses on compounds that confer to flavour, aroma and taste in food and mainly in alcoholic beverages. In my latest project I explore the effect of terroir on the aromatic profile of whiskey. In previous studies, I have investigated how agricultural conditions and vinification procedures affect the volatile and phenolic compounds in grapes and wines. I have developed methods for the extraction, evaluation and analysis of phenolic and volatile compounds with liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GCMS, GCO). I have also experience in sensory evaluation techniques and wine tasting. 

Current Projects

Whiskey Terroir Project


PhD in Agricultural Science

Msc in Enology and Viticulture

BSc (5-year) in Agricultural Science

Kyraleou, M.; Ganidi, W; Koundouras, S. Kallithraka, S. (2019) Tannin content and antioxidant capacity of five Greek red grape varieties. Vitis.

Basalekou, M; Kyraleou, M.; Pappas, C; Tarantilis, A.P.; Kotseridis, Y. Kallithraka, S.  (2019) Proanthocyanidin content as an astringency estimation tool and maturation index in red and white winemaking technology. Food Chemistry 299:125135.

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Kyraleou, M.; Kallithraka, S.; Theodorou N.; Teissedre, P.L.; Kotseridis Y.; Koundouras, S. (2017) Changes in tannin composition of Syrah grape skins and seeds during fruit ripening under contrasting water conditions. Molecules. 22(9):1453.

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Kyraleou, M.; Tzanakouli, E; Kotseridis, Y.; Proxenia, N; Ligas, I.; Chira, K.; Kallithraka, S. (2016) Addition of wood chips in red wine during and after alcoholic fermentation: differences in color parameters, phenolic content and volatile composition. OENO One, 50 (4), 209-222.

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