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Paidi Kelly

Research Officer

Research Interests

The structure of different joint venture farming models such as leasing, partnerships and share farming and how they can be used to improve farm profitability.
Qualitative research into factors that influence the uptake and success of these models. Economic analysis of these models to better understand key aspects such as wealth creation and risk.


Current Projects

The aim of the project is to develop different pathways which will create new opportunities for people to develop their own dairy farming business. It will focus on the development and promotion of models such as leasing, partnerships and share farming. It will also put in place support programmes to help people develop the skills needed to make the above models work e.g. financial and stakeholder management and strategic planning.


PhD, University College Dublin (on-going), 2014-17. Title: Developing new business structures for Irish dairy farms
Bachelor of Agricultural Science, University College Dublin, 2008-12

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